Television viewing has evolved a lot over the past decade and a half. Gone are the days of hazy transmission and expensive packages. Satellite television has changed the face of the entire industry and the company leading the revolution is Dish Network. Ponce and other Puerto Rican cities have many customers who swear by Dish Network facilities and service. Started in 1996, this company has slowly grown to be one of the most popular in the television industry. The number of customers keeps growing at a steady rate and has crossed the 14 million mark. In just about 15 years Dish Network has established its position as the fourth-largest pay-TV provider in the U.S.
There are many factors which have contributed to its success.

1. Customer service: Any business concern selling a product or service is aware of the importance of satisfying a customer’s wants. Dish Network is at the top of the list when it comes to assisting customers in all their television problems.

2. Tempting packages: Any customer prefers a wide variety to choose from. This is especially important in the case of channel selection. Dish Network has many flexible packages which are not over-priced.

These two points have been vital to the company’s growing popularity. Before paying for a package, discussing about the package you want is a good idea. One particular family will have varied needs and you should keep this in mind while selecting a channel pack. Go through a brochure which lists all the channels available. If you are want local Puerto Rican channels, you need to make sure that the Dish Network dealer provides them.

The DISHLatino Clasico and Dos packages come at a monthly fee of $ 29.99 and $ 39.99 respectively. The former will give you 105 channels while the latter brings 200 channels to your TV. The Dos package also has the additional feature of bilingual programming in both Spanish and English. The DISHLatino Max at $ 52.99 is the ultimate package with 255 channels! Another added USP of all these packages is the availability of local Puerto Rican channels. What else could you want?

You don’t have to worry about installation as the dealer will send technicians over to your place for setting up. There are many customers who will recommend Dish Network. Ponce residents enjoy a pleasing TV experience thanks to this service provider. The number of satisfied viewers just keeps growing.

Do you want to subscribe to Dish Network Ponce? Ponce-based Big Dog Satellite is one of the biggest dealers.

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