Networking is becoming progressively more popular among companies, professional organizations, colleges and universities. It is no surprise that the demand for networking groups and networking events is consistently growing. Networking is such a benefit and added values that people are trying to find ways to incorporate into their business, personal and social lifestyles. Although, there is an evident rise in networking activities and initiatives, it is possible that your group or organization may not be taking full advantage of their networking capabilities. How can professionals properly incorporate networking into their professional environments? How can companies or organizations encourage proper networking within their business models? How can networking promote overall professional and personal successes?

Listed below are practical ways in which networking can be effectively used in the business and social environments for big success.


If you are a business professional that is trying to encourage your group or team to network, the best way would be to show by example. Take initiative and be proactive in joining a professional group or attending events which produce viable and quantifiable networking benefits and results. Bring awareness to your activities to your department, colleagues and supervisors. Always be persistent and positive in your endeavors.

Test Run

If you are a company or organization that would like to incorporate networking into the business culture, consider having a networking test run. This may involve recruiting individuals to give presentations or offer testimonials about networking. A networking campaign like this can allow individuals in the company to improve professionally and develop an appreciation for their job, position or profession. This is an excellent way to develop a branding or image within the company and encourage a positive move for change and growth.

Future Forecast

If you are a business individual, student or entrepreneur who is interested in networking, it is a good idea to create a networking strategy plan. Determine if networking is right for you and how you can effectively align it to your goals and intentions. Look into the future and develop ideas and thoughts about how networking can improve your business or career.

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