The Chef Basket can be defined as a convenient new cookware for everybody who enjoys cooking. The product combines a strainer, colander and deep frying basket.

It is unique in how it can fold flat for simple storage. There is no to wrestle with the hot pot. All you’ve got to do yourself is just raise the handle and place your food directly from your pot into your plate. Or else you are able to hang it over the sink for a while to drain it.

It is possible to utilize it to stem, fry, blanch and more. In my opinion, it is a kind of most own cookware you could use practically regularly inside your kitchen.

I regularly use my Chef Basket for cooking pasta dishes. I simply boil a large pot filled with water, drop my noodles into the Chef Basket, and then put the basket in the pot of boiling water. As soon as it’s all done, I just pull out the Chef Basket, move it on top of the sink in the kitchen for about a few of seconds to strain the water. Afterward it is ready and I simply dump it on the serving serving dish.

If you’ve ever used a large bulky pot of boiling water and had to strain it using a colander, you by now know how much of a hassle this can be. But using the Chef Basket, it is simple and also not dangerous with built in stay-cool handles.

I usually do not do a lot of frying. But I do fry up some deep fried shrimp every now and then. My spouse loves to fry up a few hot-wings every time his co-workers come to our home to see the football game. After he started using Chef Basket he doesn’t make an enormous mess.

The Chef Basket comes with a pretty good recipe handbook for a few cooking ideas, but it is basically simple. It shows you some meals you could prepare from deep frying, boiling and other uses. You are able to order the Chef Basket for roughly $ 15 through the product’s website and in lots of stores that have kitchen items.

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