For the average user, the best value will come from a contract — not a prepaid plan — especially since you can usually get unlimited night and weekend minutes and sometimes mobile-to-mobile minutes. Please remember that these prices are subject to change but reflect the offers at the time this article was written.

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The average cell phone user needs about 500 anytime minutes. Bump it up accordingly if you have additional family members to add onto a plan.

The plan you choose is just as important. After all, you may spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on cellular service over the life of your phone, so finding cheap Mobile Advertising service can save you lots of dough.

Local taxes and fees add up to about $ 5 per line in my area, which makes the $ 35 basic plan comparable to a $ 30 plan from a conventional contract carrier. As long as you don’t need that many talk minutes, I would say this is a very flexible and affordable plan.

Talk may be cheap, but unfortunately Mobile Advertising plans aren’t. To help you choose a plan that’s right for your budget, we compiled data to compare the cheapest cell phone plans. Which carrier offers the most comprehensive plan for the least amount of money?

As far as unlimited plans go, Metro PCS again wins by a large margin. This time we looked at Metro PCS’ top-tier unlimited plan: the 4G LTE Unlimited Premium Plan, which includes unlimited access to everything. At $ 60/mo, it’s roughly $ 20 cheaper than the lowest unlimited plan offered by Verizon, Sprint, AT&T or T-Mobile.

So while the sound of unlimited may seem appealing, there might be a chance you can squeeze by without an unlimited plan. Gauge your usage and find out which features you’re willing to compromise on and which ones are necessities.

Prepay whenever you want with easy refills. Free delivery for all phone orders with an individual new line of service! Free nights and weekends and mobile to mobile calling to over 61 million AT&T phone customers on select plans.  Rollover Balance- carry over unused funds to the next month.

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