The one to one support at Wealthy Affiliate is something which is toted by just about everyone who is reviewing the University. And it’s not hard to see why; getting one to one support anywhere else costs hundreds of dollars, and probably isn’t even one to one. So how can the two people run the site possibly respond to every member who emails them?

Methinks that they just work very very hard. It is really really hard to believe that it is possible that two men can respond to hundreds of messages, but, they do. I have emailed them several times in the past, to have them reply within about two or three days. Not only that, but they take the time to look through whatever you’ve sent them.

I once sent them a 50 page guide that I have written to have them review it personally and give me pointers on things inside. But don’t think that these guys aren’t just to help other marketers, they are in it for profit as well. An educated guess is about 15,000 members at Wealthy Affiliate, and with each paying $ 39 a month (minus $ 20 affiliate fee), works out at about $ 300,000 a month or $ 3.6 million a year. Not bad, and definitely worthy of a bit of time.

But even though I have probably made out that these guys are only in it for profit, that is certainly not how it comes across. They are truly willing to help members with any question regardless of how small or silly it is. They honestly have an inspiring ability to motivate, and not make you feel stupid when they reply.

I am consistently impressed with the level of service at Wealthy Affiliate. It has certainly helped me to push myself to internet marketing, and my campaigns have improved because of them.

To learn more about Wealthy Affiliate and the support included, download my free guide below.

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