Gone are the years when people over 50 just stay at home and do nothing. We’re living in a fast-phased lifestyle now and there’s really no room for stalling in doing the things that you’ve always wanted to do. It’s never too late to start! There is no perfect time but now. Take charge of your life and your health after all, you’ll be the one to reap the benefits if you stay in shape. If you want to do strength training then good for you! Fitness experts that people who are in their 50s should perform such exercises 2 to 3 times a week to make sure you train all the major muscle groups, these are your arms, shoulders, legs and trunk. Your main goal is to lift a weight that is heavy enough for you to achieve 10 to 15 reps per session before the muscles become tired.

Older individuals are generally aware that they need aerobic exercise to strengthen their heart and lungs and tone their bodies. Aerobics can come in the form of walking, running and swimming. Weight training however is dismissed. Did you know that this type of exercise can slow down or even reverse the decline in muscle mass, bone density and strength? Unlike aerobic or endurance activities, weights provide stress or resistance which makes the muscles gain strength from only a few movements. Resistance can usually be acquired from free weights or machines but you can also get stronger if you exercise in water.

For your lower body’s strength, you can do the basic squats, squats with a stability ball, one-legged squats, goddess pose, door squats and cross-over stretch. To improve your upper body on the other hand, you can do counter push-ups, knee push-ups and supine chest stretch. Remember that you shouldn’t be feeling too much pain while lifting weights. It’s perfectly normal though to feel some soreness due to the stress in your muscles. Muscle tissues break down and as the muscles heal, they gradually increase in strength and size. It’s good to work your muscles on a regular schedule but you don’t need to overdo it. This is a common mistake that bodybuilders make. You need some rest and know when to stop. Only when we give our muscles time to rest that we give them a chance to grow and improve.

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