The choice of commercial real estate is endless, as is the choice of location. And with this array of options, where should you start?

If you are thinking about taking up a new US office and you want somewhere that’s a bit hotter than Texas could really be the perfect choice for you. With great weather and wide open spaces; Texas is in a great location and can meet the needs of most firms.

There’s Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Fort Worth and Austin, which are locations for office suites and executive suites in the Texas area.

But let’s go into a little more detail and cover some more of the specific advantages of leasing Texas office space. With that in mind, below are some of the key things that Texas could offer to your company.

1. The capital of Texas has a population that is ever-growing and the economy is going from strength to strength. The population in the Texas capital, Austin, is at the present time around 790,000 people, so you’ll never have a shortage of customers or of employees. After a competition Austin was also named the second Best Big City in “Best Places to Live” in 2006 by Money magazine and according to Travel magazine it is in the number one spot on the list of cities with the best people.

2. Texas office space is rich and plentiful. Highly affordable prices, multifunctional floor space and stylish interiors make Texas one of the premium locations for office space in America. Perhaps this explains why Texas is the location of the headquarters of 3 of the Fortune 500 companies – Whole Foods Market, Freescale Semiconductor and Forestar Group.

3. The weather in Texas is absolutely amazing. In fact, it has an almost tropical climate means that it experiences hot summers and mild winters. This makes it extremely ideal for employees that would prefer to avoid the cold on their way to work. Texas is also a really nice and relaxing place to work and live because it has an average rainfall and temperature that can be ideal for families. It will also give your workers the possibility of being able to install a swimming pool and really get their worth out of it.

4. The state of Texas is a fantastic choice for technology and defence companies due to recent increases in the number of Texas University graduates. As a result, various cities in Texas have become renowned for high-tech industry and have headquarters for a large number of large scale technology companies such as Google, AMD and Apple. As there are so many large-scale companies in the state, Texas is therefore great for creating a variety of networking options. For instance, my friend is a manager of a tech-company and they decided to take a Dallas Office and it really opened up a lot of opportunities for the company.

5. Texas also has a great culture, such as music and art. The state capital of Texas is Austin and Austin has a motto, which is “The Live Music Capital of the World”, which reflects the city’s vibrant music scene. The city also has a booming night life, especially on 6th street and the city’s South by Southwest annual film and music festival attracts an endless amount of tourists every year. You may even find that some of these tourists may become one of your future clients.

In conclusion, Texas might not be the most high profile state in the United States, such as New York, but it might just be one of the best for professional real estate.

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