Many people’s first thought for a scrapbook business, not surprisingly, is to be making scrapbooks for other people. Certainly it can be a great idea, but it’s not the only way of turning your passion for scrapbooking into a way of making a living.

One very popular way to make money is to become a consultant for one of several scrapbook supplies companies. There are those that cover the US and Canada and a few that operate all over the world. In a nutshell they’ll generally set you up with a starter kit and some scrapbook business guidance and then pay you a commission on all orders you take.

It’s a business model that’s perhaps more widely recognized as the sort of thing done by Tupperware or Avon. You’ll need to pay for the starter kit (usually in the region of $ 70 to $ 100) and there may be optional extras that you can purchase but you’ll get a discount of your own scrapbook supplies and, depending on the company and the product offer, a commission of between twenty and fifty percent of all sales you make.

The advantage of this kind of scrapbook business is that you have little risk and a great deal of flexibility. You’ve got no real boss so you can fit your scrapbooking around your other commitments.

You’ve also got quite good potential. Unlike being an employee, “consultants” – which is what they call you – have no set income and if you’re prepared to commit the time and effort can make very good money indeed. If you introduce other consultants and help them develop successful businesses you’ll be very well paid in return – not by them, I should add, but by the parent company.

Lots of people like this way of building a scrapbook business. There’s an element of security and there’s nothing to stop you running it alongside other scrapbooking activities either. If you want to run classes it’s an ideal opportunity to introduce people to products you also make money from. If you sell completed scrapbooks you can save on supplies. You can use a blog to attract customers and then develop that blog into other areas.

Want to explore other scrapbook business opportunities? I’ve got lots more free professional information and a wealth of scrapbook resources at Home Scrapbook Business where you can also download a valuable free report from well known scrapbooking teacher Dawn Stegall. If you’re thinking about making money from scrapbooking you don’t want to ignore help like this!

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