It is so unfortunate that we have to comment in an article title about what we see as the current state of internet marketing. The title ‘scam free ways, make money online’ is saying two things; ‘I want to make money online’ and ‘I don’t want to end up being conned by an unscrupulous Guru’. If you can put your internet career in your own hands, you’ll never need to worry about being scammed again.

The fact that you’ve found this article tells me that you’ve heard from others who have been scammed, or you yourself have been burned by a ‘get rich quick scheme’. Either way I’m going to show you how to completely avoid this in future.

Let me make you comfortable by starting out by saying “keep your money in your pocket”. I really do mean this. We’re going to concentrate on getting you a few sales at no cost whatsoever. When you’ve learned how to do this you can continue the process over and over again. We’re not even going to consider ‘Pay per Click’. If you do not have the experience you will definitely get burned. PPC is NOT a scam, however, it is written on a lot of financial tombstones. Since I am not asking you for anything, I think that you should trust me.

Let me show you how to get onto the first page of Google, free of charge. Trust me here. Open up Google and do a search for ‘Cobb cookery’. This will only mean something to you if you’re interested in camping, but it doesn’t matter. As I write this one of my articles is at number three of Google out of 665,000 results. The full title of the article is ‘Welcome to the world of Cobb cookery’. Even better, right now, the associated website (my own) is at position five. So out of 665,000 Google results, I have two out of the very top five! How much traffic do you suppose that generates? Cost to me ZERO. Would you like to do this too?

The above is one of my scam free ways, make money online by learning how this is done.

Article marketing is a very powerful force. ‘Cobb cookery’ is just one of my ezine articles. Is it a trick? No, absolutely not. To join ezine articles is completely free, as is the publishing of the articles. As you have seen, this one short article is at number three, for free, while (right now as I type) to the right hand side of the screen there are five advertisers paying to be there.
How about Squidoo? Also completely free to join and publish. Better still it is actually fun! Let me demonstrate. Go back to Google and do a search for ‘top 10 camping stoves’. Right now, as I type, I have the top four positions on page one of Google. One of these is one of my Squidoo lenses about camping and the other three are links to my website. You could also do a Google search for ‘General Francos tomb’, another Squidoo lens. That’s on page one too.

In conclusion: Not everything on the internet is a trick, though it does contain an awful lot of expensive rubbish. Take my advice and leave your own marketing future in your own hands. That way you will never be scammed or conned.

At this stage you’re probably thinking that what I’ve described seems like a lot of work. This is only because you probably don’t know how to do the above effectively yourself. I fully realise this. That is why I’ve provided two more free resources below. The first is to my blog where you will learn the basics of ‘how to’. The second is to one of my Squidoo pages that you haven’t seen yet. This will demonstrate how to monetize your site. On both you will find scam free ways make money online.

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