In recent years, with the promotion and use of smart cards, will be a number of management functions and community service, certification integrated campus, “Card” is gaining in popularity in colleges and universities.

University Campus Card Network Solutions Digital wave in the world under the influence of Digital Campus colleges and universities are wide attention, colleges and universities across the country by the China Education and Research Network (CERNET) to promote the building of strong, are from different perspectives Digital Campus contact with the subject. In recent years, with the promotion and use of smart cards, will be a number of management functions and community service, certification integrated campus, “Card” is gaining in popularity in colleges and universities. Campus “One Card” to the smart card as the information carrier, a combination of micro-electronics Technology , Microcontroller technology, computer network technology and database technology, and many other high-tech, it has the electronic identification and electronic purse functions, replacing the daily needs of school teachers in the traditional work permit, student card, library card, and cash-related transactions with canteens Fanka (vouchers), medical certificate, the machine cards, tickets, etc., to teach, learn, test, evaluation, housing and comprehensive digital and network, and truly “one card in hand, anywhere on campus.”

Network platform in the bottom of campus card system is the cornerstone of campus card, Ruijie company has 7 years service Education Information Experience in building, through in-depth analysis and study, designed with high stability and high security features of the card network platform to support the operation of campus card

One, needs analysis Underlying network infrastructure is the cornerstone of successful implementation of campus card. Can not choose the right network infrastructure will lead to the following questions: system performance degradation, the high failure rate, a large number of security problems and cumbersome maintenance and management issues, which is unacceptable for users. In addition, if there is no proper network design, network infrastructure will be difficult to meet the rapid development of the campus card network expansion and upgrade capability. “Campus Card” system involves the use of funds, settlement and with the banking system, networking, and related to the general staff and students of teaching, learning and living normal, so the stability and security is a very important design aspects.

Security requirements Although Campus Network Already has a considerable network of security measures to ensure the “Campus Card” system to prevent illegal users through the campus network intrusion, should be independent and build “Campus Card” network so that the “Campus Card” relatively closed network, not with external system, especially the Internet directly connected, that is, building “Campus Card” special network, campus network and the “Campus Card” special network of logical isolation.

If for business needs, must be in the campus network and the “Campus Card” communication between private network, you can use IPSec tunnel mode, on the campus network and the “Campus Card” private network used for data exchange between encryption and the prevention of “Campus Card” malicious data being stolen, and the campus network and the “Campus Card” special network for critical Server Strict access control policy to prohibit non-authorized users access to these important servers, to protect the “Park Card” special network data security. ,

Stability of the demand

School campus card carries a lot of business development, network stability and reliability becomes more important?? Network does not matter lightly off the history of several hours have passed. On the other hand, in the application of the rich, the network has become very harsh environment, security attacks increases exponentially, but the knowledge required is weakening, a variety of attack tools on the network can be picked up at random. It also Network equipment The proliferation of network attacks or virus in the context of stability and reliability challenges. Construction of campus card network, therefore first need to have a stable network equipment itself, the design, followed by the network architecture should ensure multi-link equipment redundancy, in the end link between the multi-campus not only to the traditional links redundant backup link also needs to access different forms of preparedness.

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