In recent years, more and more children educational toys have attracted the attention of many parents, however, because there is no obvious related labeling, the educational function of some toys has been questioned.

In shopping mall, you always find such situation that one salesman in the shopping mall tell the parents that this toy is a kind of educational toy because they can practice children’s operating ability, observation ability and develop children’s intelligence. When facing such situation, as parents, what should you do, buy or not? In fact, most toys manufacturers make use of the subject to elaborate their own ideas. For example, they would tell consumers that the building block and magic cube are the educational ones, the manual graffiti board is the educational one, the common stuffed animals are the educational ones, what’s more, one too much ordinary plastic water gun is also the educational one. As a result, you can find the educational toys tag everywhere on the toys’ packaging. On the instruction book, all the educational toys note that these educational toys can promote the improvement of children’s emotional quotient and intelligence quotient, however, in fact, it is not the case. More and more parents begin to doubt the so-called educational function of some toys.

In daily life, too many parents want to buy educational toys for their children to develop their intelligence, however, in most cases, they don’t know how to choose the right educational toys. One customer once complained that all the information of educational toys are offered by salesman but you can not find any information or reference standard on the toys’ packaging. What’s more, you even can not find the suitable age information on the toys’ packaging. Under such circumstance, most parents don’t know how to choose. As usual, we always buy the educational toys strongly recommended by our friends, who have bought such kind of educational toys for their children to play and get good educational function.

In order to provide more convenience for parents to choosing educational toys, relevant standards and regulations are needed as soon as possible. Nowadays, there are already too many toys standards, however, most of them are paid more attention on the security and quality of kids toys. What a pity, up to now, there is still no standards which aims at the educational toys.

According to one kid teacher, some educational toys really play the role of improving children’s operating and thinking ability. Therefore it is necessary to establish related standards to regulate the toy market.

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