Can you make a lot of money with a Redbox Franchise? We have all been there in front of the magic box. While we wait for the computer to spit out our $ 1 movie, some of us start thinking that the lines of people waiting to use the machine are spending their dollars as well. Even less of us begin to think that this is a great idea to make money. If only we could get one of these, we would be set. I would love to say that it was true, but they all belong to McDonalds. So unless you want to buy a McDonalds franchise, it might not be feasible. Maybe after a while the market will product something that is cost effective, but not for now.

It has been one heck of a marketing ploy for McDonalds though. Not only are they getting the video rental proceeds, but then a lot of those same customers grab dinner while they are there. These kinds of franchises will work, but many of them, without the backing of multibillion dollar businesses like McDonalds, can fold up on you quickly. Is that a gamble you are willing to take?

The cost for a franchise can run into the hundreds of thousands if not more. I would rather look to the internet and online marketing skills to help me make a living. Getting a good education in the internet marketing arena is a much better use of your money. With this type of training you could market anything, including Redbox, when and if it becomes available. You would be placing yourself in a position to make thousands, even in a slow economy.
While internet marketing does take effort, it is not hard to learn. It will take a lot of determination on your part to learn all you can and get good at it. But in the long run, it would be much more profitable than a handful of Redbox franchises.

While the Redbox franchise is not available to you and me right now, the education in Internet Marketing is. I challenge you to look around and, after exercising due diligence, show me a process that will better prepare you for a successful future with as little capital layout as a marketing education.

What are you going to do with your future? Wait for the big score or start now to prepare yourself for a great life? Sam Traffanstedt is here to help you succeed in your dreams. Click to claim your Free Website.

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