For media in places like Harbin Water Adjustment of the hearing, “questions”, the National Development and Reform Commission on the 4th Division to respond to price: the legal compliance throughout the hearing, it seems that there is no “trick.”

The face of waves of public opinion after hearing the question on the water, the response overwhelmed Development and Reform Commission hearing on whether to restore the credibility?

First of all, hearing the legal compliance, who should be defined? Fuzhou after hearing the price of consumer representatives from the departments of their choice, while being questioned. NDRC officials think: This is in line Development and Reform Commission published the “government pricing Hearings”, is effective.

The problem is that “the implementation of Fujian Province

Second, the Development and Reform Commission denied a number of “false” reports, such as the representative for the Harbin hearing Liutian Xiao because “lack of opportunity to speak,” and threw water bottles in the report, the NDRC said: Liu is not “always Debu to the opportunity to speak, “but also one of the longest speeches.

But in fact is not Liu media “never speak” but he “always wanted to speak”, 6 speakers do not turn to him after, so just throw the bottle. While throwing water bottles uncivilized, but Liu is against the price rise was the only representative, as chair of the hearing shall pay attention to balance the positive and negative point of view, otherwise the question of public opinion are inevitable.

Again, hearing representative to represent the people, are hearing the “legitimacy” of the foundation, Development and Reform Commission’s response did not seem to resolve public concerns.

Such as Development and Reform Commission that the hearing Jinan production of consumer representatives, “compliance is an open and transparent, but also effective”, as well as notary office of the notary. But the fact is that 9 the hearing on behalf of consumers, which in addition to three students with no income, the other six were identified as: Fashion company’s total Proxy The provincial government offices under the technical school in a middle-level titles of staff, a District Construction Committee Civil Service, the Provincial Water Authority Jiaodong senior engineer, assistant engineer of a reservoir management, Municipal Engineering Quality Supervision Station staff. This common view is 6: agreed prices.

Which no ordinary income, especially on behalf of low-income people. Probably not many people recognized that these people represent the income level of ordinary people. Who allegedly accompanied by night in the hospital was in sound sleep in the “consumer representative” asked after the income level, self-styled “civil service level,” recognition “can not represent the people’s income level.” This is how the representatives selected? Last year on November 17, Jinan Municipality collected to the public on behalf of consumers, according to voluntary registration, generate random manner, the hearing representative must meet the following conditions: “with The People’s Republic of China citizenship, on the water supply industry and pricing certain knowledge, there are certain cultural qualities, social skills and analysis, language skills, and to ensure to be present during the hearing. ” The author notes that the price department asked

consumer representatives must be “on the water industry and have some knowledge of prices”, which is disguised to carry out hearings into “professional certification will be” surprising “consumer representative” there are so many water supply, building personnel at institutions. This is a misunderstanding of the hearing mechanism. Hearing is open to discuss and its purpose is to allow stakeholders to fully express their aspirations. Consumer representatives of the “qualification” is to reflect the aspirations of the overwhelming majority of consumers can be reflected in their own high and low price, and even direct “poor-mouth” is also a kind of public opinion, does not require “professional knowledge”, otherwise the attempt to take into expert opinion.

For now, the hearing on behalf of a process of public information, the identification of topics, voting mechanisms, and the public expect from a great distance. Hearing into a crisis of confidence, price departments need to move “major surgery” reforms to improve the system of public hearings, minor repairs may not be enough.

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