The headphone market has been around for many years and manufacturers continually develop new functions and features to match headphone use under specific circumstances; for an example Sports Headphones with their secure fit and water resistance or noise cancelling headphones for traveling in noisy environments like trains or planes. Two other market segments which have been recently addressed are wireless headphones utilizing Bluetooth technology and headphones for kids whose ears need protection from overly loud sound.

Headphones for kids are engineered to take into account the sensitivity of their developing ears by ensuring that the sound pressure level (SPL) delivered by the earphone to the inner-ear can be controlled and limited to a certain level. To do so, top headphone manufacturers focus on a predetermined decibel (dB) limit or a variable volume control. Kid’s headphones tend to be smaller, lighter and rugged to cope with the treatment only young children can give them as they watch their favorite TV programmers and films. In the UK’s market, children can get a wide range of headphones from established brands such as Beyerdynamic, Creative, Groov-e, Panasonic, Philips, Plantronics, JVC, Koss, Sennheiser, Shure Earphones, Skullcandy, Sony Earphones and Soul Headphones at affordable and pocket-friendly prices. All of these brands offer quality headphone products that are suitable for the needs of children and to protect their ears. Some manufacturers of headphones for kids develop models with Disney or other cartoon characters to appeal to kids from the age of 3 upwards.

Bluetooth headphones were developed to match with the technology of mobile phones and give users the ability to operate their phone hands free. As Bluetooth technology started to be used in more and more products such as ipods, music players and car audio systems the demand for Bluetooth Headphones grew rapidly. Sound quality via Bluetooth was initially poor but it has improved dramatically in recent years. The wireless or cordless solution provided by Bluetooth gives consumers greater flexibility to move, participate in sports and use different sources for their music without being constrained or connected to the device via cables. Freedom to enjoy high quality music on the go is the major benefit of Bluetooth headphones.

If you are looking for headphone for kids or headphones that let you listen wirelessly then there is a huge choice available thanks to the continuing product development of companies like JVC, Sony, Creative and many, many more.

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