Networking is skill which is extremely important in order to make contact with different people. Not only is networking required within the workplace, it is also required outside in various other situations. For a woman to have positive networking skills is very important. Not only is a woman usually in charge of the socializing of her family, she is also sometimes responsible for gathering more clientele for the business she works in. If she has her own business, networking becomes a mandatory skill. For all these circumstances, positive networking skills are extremely important.
Some people just meet others in order to add as many names in their database and hence disregard quality and give more importance to quantity instead. When networking is used incorrectly and for quantity purposes only, it is known as networking abuse or when it comes to emails may be regarded as spam. As a woman entrepreneur, you must avoid this where possible as your name is your business.
In order for networking to be positive, women must develop a well thought out network game plan. Focus initially on getting to know the people who you meet, make a decision about whether they are a match with your business and if they arent move on. Always be polite, however, dont go to networking events expecting to hand out many cards work on quality and not quantity and your business will reflect this decision.
In order to develop positive networking skills, there are some tactics which you can follow. Seven of these tips are mentioned below:
1. Always smile: A smile shows a person is warm and friendly. When meeting new people, smiling is welcoming and appropriate.
2. Look at people in their eye: When talking to someone, look them in the eye while you speak. This is seen as a compliment and is the best way to interact with someone new and whom you have just met.
3. Listen to the other person speaks: When having a conversation, it is polite to listen to what the other person has to say. This shows interest and if the person with whom you are conversing is likely to be someone whom you can deal with in the future, active listening skills will help immensely.
4. Have appropriate body language: Whatever impression new contacts will have of you the first time you meet is bound to be the lasting impression. In order for them to remember you in a positive way, have good body language and be relaxed and friendly.
5. Do not be pushy: No one likes a person who behaves strongly or acts in a needy manner. Hold your head up high and do not be afraid to show people who you are and what you believe in. but remember not to go arrogant.
6. Give a compliment: Everyone likes to receive a compliment. Ensure it is heartfelt and truthful. Most people can judge if a compliment is genuine or not, so be careful about what you say.
7. Have a business card ready: You never know when these may come in handy!

Glenise Anderson is a successful business woman who wants to share her knowledge and skills with other women. Her organization Self Confident Women, provides tailored education solutions that meet the personal and professional development needs of women. Development and Training Courses for Women

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