Apart from TV programs of different genre, we also like to watch some patriotic programs. It instills in us the feeling of motherland and brotherhood. The notion of patriotism is not only limited to celluloid but on television too. There have been plenty of worthwhile DISH Network shows that have delivered remarkable instances and sullied forth of honoring your motherland.

July 14 is celebrated as Flag Day in the United States. This event is marked as day in 1777 when the Continental Congress adopted the Stripes and the Stars in the national flag of the United States. It then had only thirteen stripes to match the thirteen stars. It is not an official holiday in America but in Pennsylvania it is a legal holiday. It is often said that U.S television has portrayed some of the most lovable patriotic characters as douches. But on this “Flag Day” it is time to remember the lovers of liberty and freedom and reclaim those patriots as our own. Even DISH Network satellite TV salutes those role models because they inspire the young minds to do something for their beloved country.

In the past year, things were really bad for the US where economy crashed, the divorce rates skyrocketed. Children did not have much good shows to watch. Therefore it’s time to appreciate the patriots who can become role models for our children. So here are most lovable patriotic Satellite TV shows of all times. Just read on and learn more about it.

The first such patriotic toon show was G. I. Joe. This was the grand daddy of all DISH Network show. What can be more for America than combining the defeat of Communism with bit of good old Capitalism? All TV viewers had a soft corner for the “Real American Hero” and nobody can forget the catchphrases that said: “And know you know…and knowing is half battle.” This simple bit of animated afternoon fluff was hot favorite among children. Another popular satellite TV show was “The Sopranos”. Here Tony is the success story and was a staple of 2000s American popular culture. This American television drama is set in New Jersey and revolves around mobster Tony Soprano.

After 9/11, “Rescue Me” was one of the most talked about DISH Network shows, which talks about the nation’s “real heroes” namely the cops and the fire fighters. Whoever can forget “Captain America”, which had the best theme song for a patriotic TV character ever. “Jack Bauer” was much like Sam Fisher of “Splinter Cell” fame. This was one of the best DISH HD shows which was all about defending America at any cost, no matter how much he had to dirty his hands in this rescue task. He was a modern day badass who was dreaded by his enemies. “Major Dad’s Major John D. “Mac” McGillis” was one such patriotic show that proved the saying that “Love of country is equal to the love of facial hair”. This meant that Major McGillis was patriot because he was in military and he had a moustache.

All these DISH Network shows remind us of some of the greatest patriotic TV shows ever. Now you can enjoy many of these shows on DISH Network HD channels and get better quality sound and grainless picture quality. To your sheer pleasure, DISH Network brings HD free for life. So order your DISH Network packages now!

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