You need some relaxation, eh? Well you have come to the right place. Parenting is tough, for Mom and Dad, but for ladies to feel magnificent they need the pampering of a spa. Can’t get that at home, can we? Now you can. Create simple indulgence with simple recipes that will pamper you and your skin. Look like a million bucks even when it’s your turn to car pool the kids.

Let us begin. The number one mask recommended by some close friends of mine is the dry-skin mask. I find all of these ingredients already in my kitchen, and in a moment or two, I am pampering my skin like a queen.

You need: Six ounces of plain yogurt; one quarter cup finely crushed almonds; two teaspoons honey; two teaspoons wheat germ oil. Simply mix all of these ingredients together until you have a smooth texture to the mixture. Then apply, and rub gently, onto skin. This will be the best twenty minutes you’ve had in a while, I guarantee.

To top off the lush, kitchen-aided experience I recommend soaking in a warm bath. Not just any bath, but a bath tub filed with soothing bath milk. Head back to the kitchen to explore for a few more ingredients.

In a large bowl mix one cup of honey; two cups of milk; one quarter cup of baking soda; and one cup of plain sea salt. Blend all of this together very well. Now, head to your nearest child-free bathroom and begin running yourself a so-hot-you’ll-sweat bath (without scalding yourself, that’s not pampering), as the water fills the tub pour the mixture under the running water. Now you will want to pour one half cup of baby oil into the water following the mixture, and if you desire, you can also add a few drops of rose water to create a heavenly scented bath experience.

You are a special lady, Moms make the world go-round. With every passing day, as your kids begin growing up, you realize that the more you give to them, your husband, your friends, and your family, the less you find available for yourself. Remember, that when it comes to giving, you have to give to yourself before you will have anything worth giving to another. In a sense, fill yourself up to fullness so that you can over-flow in giving.

The author writes for a site that has information for families.

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