This article will discuss modern methods of marketing the Pampered chef business opportunity. But before we get started, let’s make sure Pampered Chef is the right home based business decision for you. When choosing the right network marketing opportunity, you should choose a company with products that you love and can become passionate about. You should not choose a company based on its compensation plan alone, but based on its product benefits. If you love cooking and spending lots of time with friends and family, then the Pampered Chef business might work for you.

Many people find a great deal of success in marketing the pampered chef business by holding in home cooking shows. Basically you invite your friends and family over to your home and you cook recipes for them using pampered chef cooking utensils, their ingredients and their recipes. Even though this technique works very well, it implies that you have lots of time on your hands as well as lots of friends and family to market to and lots of capital. When marketing your pampered chef business you must put numbers in your favor, and even though in home shoes are affective, the well will eventually run dry.

One very inexpensive and modern way of marketing the pampered chef business is by making videos and placing them on free video hosting sites such as youtube or viddler. Of course this will never be as effective as in home cooking shows, but marketing is all about NUMBERS. Quantity over quality is what marketing is all about. You constantly connect with people who have a love for cooking and pass out business cards and invite them to watch your videos. When using this technique, don’t mention business opportunity. Just talk about the recipes of the videos and let the videos do the recruiting for you and growing your pampered chef business. You must do lots of videos in order for this to be affective.

If your daily routine does not allow you to do much face to face marketing, you could do internet marketing to get visitors to your videos. Such as CPM, article writing or even PPC marketing which will refer others to your videos. The unique difference between the pampered chef business as opposed to other opportunities is that you must do demonstrations instead of just explanation of the products and services. This technique has made Pampered Chef one of the highest ranked MLM companies of all time and has made many distributors 6 and 7 figure incomes. They also have a very attractive compensation plan. If you truly have a love for cooking and eating lots of delicious and exotic foods, you’ll have nothing but fun marketing the pampered chef business.

Most people cook meals 3 times a day, 7 days a week so that’s a total of 21 times in one week. Just try to remind yourself to pick up a camera and do a demonstration 5 out of those 21 times and you’ll soon be generating a respectable income. To learn more Pampered Chef business building techniques, just read my FREE report “How to Enroll 3 Reps a day” by visiting

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