As times get harder, many people look for a second, even a third stream of income. Parents with young children, and single moms as well, cannot afford to pay for a baby-sitter and look for a work-at-home job. Anybody knows that, the opportunities of working from home have multiplied with the internet, so the job seekers screen the online ads. The problem is that genuine opportunities are surrounded by proposals that can hardly be called opportunities, except for the one who sells them. Among these false opportunities, there are online surveys.

Of course, the idea of getting a lot of money while doing almost nothing is tempting, but it is not the only reason why so many people fall in the trap. Everyone has already answered surveys. They are everywhere, online and offline. Everyone knows they exist, and knows that people who conduct them do not work for nothing. There is money involved at some point, even if the pollsters do not earn thousands of dollars by the week. The desire for easy money makes people believe that, for unknown reasons, they will earn more than the other pollsters.

And they register.

Often, they even pay in order to receive a list of companies that are supposed to hire poll takers. What they end with in a list of people who want to get their email address. There even are some so-called companies that pay $ 5 for the application.

The applicants are eager to be hired, and ready to give as many details as required. Of course, the “companies” ask them to confirm that they accept to receive emails. There is no job, no survey, except the one the applicants answer to. The whole process is only meant to collect as many email addresses, with information such as age, education, income, address, job and hobby, as possible.

They build a huge database and then split it according to what their clients ask for. “I want to buy a list of women, with a degree and an interest for green products.”

The applicant will never get a job, but plenty of emails.

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