Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) Programs has become very popular since the recent past. It is estimated that in many countries across the globe, there is shortage of nurses. If the shortage of nurses is made up, then the hospitals and primary health units can function with better efficiency. Therefore, it is hoped that by the LPN, the shortage of nurses can be made up and the desire of many aspirants to become nurses can also be fulfilled.


To become a student of LPN, one should have a computer or Laptop with internet of appropriate configuration. The aspirant student has to register her name. The registration procedure is very simple and it can be made online.


The student can study at the time convenient to her. She need not attend the classes because every material is available online. Many students take up LPN even while they are working elsewhere and they study during their free time. Assignments are sent online and therefore the communication is very fast. The entire course can be completed much earlier than the regular Nursing program. The LPN can be completed within about 2 years. In case the student has any doubts, she can call the tutor online and they can even chat and clarify the doubts.  


It is true nursing involves many practical sessions. In nursing course, clinical session is as important as the theoretical session. The practical session has to be done with a hospital or nursing college. Those who conduct LPN course will have tie up with many hospitals and with doctors and the student can visit these hospitals or the doctors for practical sessions. It is needless to mention that for practical session or clinical classes, the student has to personally visit the hospital and take part in the practical classes. But, this may be difficult for those students who are living at far off place. In the alternative the student will have to go to a recognized nursing college and go through the clinical session. In fact, this is turning out to be major drawback of this program and because of this, it is said that some of the LPN training centers have downed their shutters.  

On the top of it, many are skeptic whether the LPN programs will receive recognition by hospitals or by medical fraternity.

The next aspect to be borne in mind is that the student must have some fundamental knowledge of working on a computer, the internet access etc.

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