Never underestimate the power of selling unique products. Niche product sales online is the key to a successful home based business. Hundreds of people inquire into starting a website business or attempting to become an eBay power-seller but never succeed. These people fail to realize they just did not find the right products to sell. Competing against Wal-Mart and other big box stores is impossible these days because they have the power of bulk purchase. So people who begin their internet venture attempting to sell major brand products are at a major disadvantage unless they have the power of bulk purchasing and a website that is already on top of the search engines.

The good news is that you are still able to succeed in selling on eBay and other online means through partnering with a reliable drop shipper and finding some of the not so common items to sell online. I have used drop shippers for years and have had numerous successful websites selling these items for a healthy profit. My trick? Locating Niche drop ship items and marketing these items to the consumers interested in these items. One of my most successful ventures was in the area of inflatable furniture. I was able to market to college students, parents with young children, and companies looking for unique furniture for parties, shows, and more. I was able to accomplish this by linking to sites relevant to my product. But enough about my marketing techniques, I will get into that in another article in the near future. The key to my success was not entirely on my marketing, the key was selling a niche product that was not easily located at your big box store and was not being sold by every person with a website.

Finding a reliable drop shipper with a niche product can take a lot of time and effort. You can reasonably spend up to six months searching the internet, contacting the company to make sure they are a true wholesaler (not a middleman in disguise), establishing an account with the company, and then obtaining images and descriptions of the niche items you wish to sell in order to load them on your website and start selling.

But there is an easier way and that is drop ship source directories. I am a true believer in drop ship source directories. There are numerous reputable sourcing directories that provide their subscribers with a list of drop ship suppliers and the supplier’s merchandise that you as the subscriber can resell to your customers. But be aware there are many non reputable sourcing directories on the internet that will attempt to get your money then send you a list that is basically useless. Reputable sourcing directories will provide up to date lists, subscriber support, testimonials, and expert advice to help sell the products their wholesalers provide. Drop shipping directories eliminate the hassle of searching for months for a niche product and verifying the company is reputable and has in stock items. For a complete list of drop ship source directories that I have researched and/or used you can visit my site.

The author of this article is Bill Kan from and Bill has been running successful turnkey websites and drop ship businesses for over 5 years. Get A has complete reviews of drop ship source directories.