Professionals, entrepreneurs and students alike can use their “board influence” to create a higher dimension of networking. Students who volunteer their time to civic organization, campus clubs or community groups can also network to improve their academic status. Professionals and entrepreneurs can do the same in their business organizations, alumni groups and community outreaches.

Listed below are helpful ways in which individuals can networking and serve at the same time!

All for One

Individuals who are board members of organizations should carefully plan out their agendas and be committed to attending all meetings and events. The organization is only as strong as its dedicated members. If you are not able to attend meetings regularly discuss that with the president of the board and find ways of staying informed with the group processes. Showing integrity, character and conviction about your role on the board will definitely be a benefit to the whole team.

Recognize A Face

It is suggested that professionals arrive early to board meetings and take the time to know their fellow board members. Introduce yourself and learn about the backgrounds, associations and affiliations of your team. There may be more connections than just the organization for doing business or engaging in social matters. This process can take months but is worth the opportunity of developing relationships, sharing resources, gaining new contacts and growing your network.

Give More

Giving your time and expertise is great for being a board member of any organization or club. It is also important to go above and beyond the call of duty and offer and volunteer what is not expected of you. As a board member, you should offer to host an event which can benefit the actual organization which you are serving. Another good idea is to donate services, products and resources for the development of that organization. You can also sponsor an upcoming event or coordinate a fund raiser with the other members. There are several ways in which each person can give back and make a significant impact.

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