The Network Marketing industry is a great industry, but most people don’t know the sad reality before joining. Most people will never be able to make millions in Network Marketing. There is just so much hype out there right now and companies who claim you can make millions without working at all.

Some of the most ridiculous opportunities I have seen are the no recruiting required companies. If nobody recruits, where is the money going to come from? Network Marketing is not easy; it’s a business and requires a lot of time, learning and dedication.

If you think you’re going to strike it rich within a few months in this industry, go ahead and quit now. Network Marketing is great; it offers anyone the opportunity to make an unlimited income by inspiring others to live their dreams. That essentially, is what Network Marketing is all about.

Sure, you promote products and whatnot, but you are really promoting the vision and dream of being financially free. The dream and vision or working from home and quitting your job. It’s all about inspiring others to take action and say “stuff the system; I’m going to make more money at home than I ever could with a stupid job”.

The sad thing is that most people give up before they really breakthrough. Most people join a company, work damn hard at it, and see little to no results so they give up. Maybe the company they joined told them it would be easy but, it takes time, knowledge, effort and dedication.

If you can focus on doing something on a daily basis to build your business, you will eventually breakthrough and make a full time income. So, if you’re looking for the truth about Network Marketing, this is it. It’s not easy, no business is easy. It’s a wonderful highly lucrative business model which takes time, effort and dedication.

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