You too want to be one of many people making money online fast and are tempted by the Internet ads that promise hundreds of dollars a day. You think to yourself that this can be the answer to your dreams. Sitting at home with your computer sipping your morning coffee or afternoon iced beverage, you envision success and rich new lifestyle. Be sure you think it through!

There are some ways to start a legitimate Internet business with a steady flow of income. eBay sellers sell their wares on the Internet instead of setting up at Garage sales and flea markets. This selling is more profitable than consignment shops which ask for 30-50% of your selling price. You don’t have to lug your items to the store or pick them up when they don’t sell. You want more money faster?

Trading forex may be faster, but risky. All the get quick scams are also out there in cyber space, even the “scam reporters” are willing to make money off of you, by protecting you. Think about some of the ads and then it might help you to draw some conclusions on your own.

When you find the Internet ad that pictures the guy or gal in a glamorous setting and their little video tells you how they earned thousands of dollars in the first week… BEWARE! Maybe it is true, but then why have you never heard of the product or service before? Because they do not tell you. All you have is the teaser… The dangling carrot that makes you want to know more.

The information you give this fantastic entrepreneur is supposed to be your key to opening the doors of your success. Your name and email can now be sold by this guy or gal and they make money. Your success will come after you send them some money to pay for their “secrets”. Please think before giving out that email address.

Then there is the guy who will protect you for scam artists only to be one himself. He is willing to sell you the list of scammers that he has come across. How much does he want and how often can he sell the list? Every little bit counts and with the number of people surfing the net today, his income can grow and grow from this gig until he finds a new one. His information may be accurate, but he is not giving you anything. He wants to be paid.

Do you have a great product that you make and want to sell on the Internet? This would be a legitimate and good way for you to reach a lot of potential buyers. There are good Internet businesses and you can enjoy the rewards. Just beware of those who want to help you make the money their way… Scam? Maybe.

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