eBay is a phenomenal, thriving online business with millions of customers selling millions of dollars worth of goods per day. Such popularity has it’s downside in that it also attracts the unethical types who try to make money from eBay scams. Some of the more popular scams are

Phishing Emails

You may receive emails from eBay requesting that you verify your account again by logging in and entering your login and credit card information. While these emails look convincing they are actually fake emails and should be reported immediately to eBay.

Check Fraud

When someone pays by personal check once you’ve deposited it into the bank it will usually clear in five days. Then you can withdraw the money. However if the check is forged then you will have to repay the money and you’ll be out of pocket for both the money and the item you sold.

eBay Motors

When buying a motor vehicle on eBay have the vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic to make sure that the vehicle is worth the price that you’re paying. This could potentially save you being ripped off to the tune of a few thousand dollars. Even better it ensures that the vehicle exists and that you haven’t just paid out thousands for a non-existent vehicle.

The Bidding Scam

When you bid on items from certain eBay sellers you may find that you regularly get into a “bidding war” with other users that regularly withdraw their bid at the last moment leaving you to pay out more than you had originally intended. To prevent this from happening you need to decide what your maximum bid limit is and stick to it even if it means you miss out on the item.

This by no means outlines all of the eBay scams. It seems that every week someone is coming out with another way to scam eBay customers. However there is a way to remain scam free and make money on eBay. The scam free way to using eBay is to become an eBay affiliate through the eBay Partner Network.

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