Internet marketing scams are everywhere. Actually to be more specific…they are on the internet, but then again, the internet is everywhere. Okay, look, the point is that there is nothing bigger in this world than the internet….except God. The internet has grown so large that it affects virtually everything, and because of that success, scam artists and criminals have found a new location to pick out “suckers”. Unlike real life, there is not a building filled with “internet police”. The internet is a floating, intangible, mass of information that can be used to earn money working at home, send love letters around the world, check the balance in your savings account, or even fire off nuclear missles aimed at other countries on the other side of the planet. The internet is B-I-G. It can be dangerous as well.

READ THIS WARNING: Criminals and scam artists are on the internet looking to prey on anyone willing to listen. If you have a computer in your home, criminals can come into your home. If you access a computer at work, criminals can slip unnoticed into your office, and if you have a blackberry and can access the internet while driving down the road, then criminals can be in the passenger seat of your car. It may be hard to believe, but criminals and scam artists are responsible for billions of dollars in fraud every single year on the internet. So, it is absolutely essential for your protection, to understand how this is done, and how to prevent internet crimes against you.

To protect yourself against fraud or criminals on the interet, you don’t need to have a lot of techinical knowledge. Knowing how to repaIr a computer, or replace a hard drive, or hook up a wireless modem is pretty much useless in preventing a criminal or scam artist from taking your money or personal information. What every person needs to know in order to protect themselves, is how the internet operates. If you understand that, then you can best serve your needs, you can find the right security software, set up your computer to protect you automatically, and you will know what to look for as you surf the internet.

One method of gaining this kind of training is through a company called IMMACC. This is an acronym for Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center. Although originally designed as an “earn money from home” opportunity, iMMACC has expanded into a learning center for individuals around the world who wish to learn more about the instrument which has changed the world. Average people around the globe are joining iMMACC. Some are eventuall leaving their jobs to work at home on the internet, while others are simply happy to gain so much knowledge that they feel smarter, as well as enjoy knowing they are safer than those who just randomly turn on a computer and dial up the world. So fire up that computer, but take the author’s advice: be careful!


Rick James is a human relations and support specialist for internet marketers as well as a trainer for individuals who wish to begin the process of learning how to earn money as an MLM executive, stay-at-home mom, or internet business owner. To begin your training and earn while you learn visit:

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