Let me start by saying that everything you see here (including all links) is cost-free or extremely cheap, as well as risk-free. All techniques are easy to use, quick to set up and stress-free! YOU DO NOT NEED TO SIGN UP OR SUBSCRIBE TO ANYTHING. Just read this to get an “edge” and utilize some fantastic and economic advertising suggestions. The following tips are some of the most closely guarded secrets of the pros. Enjoy!

The Best FREE Advertising Methods

Social Mediums

Have you heard of: Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, or any other similar companies? When utilized correctly, all of these social networking sites can be an extremely effective gateway, to gain traffic to your business/link/etc.

First and foremost, if you are not on Twitter, sign up and then use the program called TweetGetter. The Tweet Getter program is a 100% hands-off, no time investment way to get thousands of followers. It’s completely automated and completely fantastic. It can take a couple months to truly develop, but that’s not bad considering it takes 15 seconds to set up and then requires nothing from you ever again. Statistically, 2% of Twitter followers read emails they receive. This means that once you have thousands of followers, you can instantly expose hundreds or even thousands of people to your product, service or landing/squeeze page. That’s amazing! Do you realize how powerful this is?

Facebook and Myspace are a bit more hands-on. However, without spending much time, you can set up events and groups for FREE. I recommend setting up very specific and unique groups that are home business oriented. Not many people will join if you try to instantly peddle your product or service. However, if you focus on being helpful to others, people will hear about your group and join it. It will grow exponentially. Then, gently and helpfully, begin emails- just like Twitter.


This part is insanely powerful, so pay attention. Write helpful blogs/articles. Wow. “Wow” really sums it up, in a nutshell. Helpful blogs bring in the masses. Even better, is they bring traffic for days… months… even years in the future. The more people that visit, the higher they score on search engines, etc. One blog has the potential to bring you 100’s of thousands of visitors over time. The better the blog, typically the more traffic it will generate. Get on this train and ride it!
Affiliate Links

Another dynamite strategy. Over 40% of people who search the web use Google, so let’s start there and you can use your imagination. I’ll be specific so this is less confusing. Google search your TYPE of business. “Home Business” “Online Dating” “Dry Cleaning” “Clothing” “Computers” “Electronics” etc. The results along the left side of the page are positioned, based off of their popularity. Visit all of those results on the first page. There should be 10 or so. Contact the webmasters, etc. Ask them if they would be willing to host your link or banner. In return you will host their link or banner. Sometimes they will want payment to host your link and sometimes they will not want to participate at all.
Backwords Marketing

This strategy is a relatively new, and thus is an extremely potent method of attracting business. To keep this simple and clear, I am going to use a specific example.
One of the most incredible and FREE to participate companies I have found is called SFI. It’s free to sign up, for life- and as you generate an easy to build downline you get paid. In fact, I generate over $ 10,000 per month from this company. It is easy to recruit people, for these very reasons. After I recruit people and they begin to upgrade their SFI memberships, I email them and ask them to check out my main website. Since I help my SFI affiliates by offering them information, advice, etc- they trust me. They visit my site and my conversion rate is through the roof! It’s a win-win situation. I make sales and what I offer helps them attain wealth. If you host each other’s links, however- you just gained a massive stream of traffic for free! For those that charge per click, it’s sometimes incredibly cheap- like 1-10 cents per highly targeted click.
Free Website Traffic Companies

Most companies that provide free traffic are complete rubbish. However, Traffic Swarm isn’t bad. It slowly generates traffic. If you put a link to your account on your site, it will actually produce a decent amount of traffic daily. I recommend it. It’s totally free and quick to set up.

Cheap and Highly Effective Advertising

Buying Traffic

Most companies that sell traffic are a complete rip-off. Pure and simple. Never pay for traffic, email campaigns, pop-unders, etc, without thoroughly investigating a company’s ethics, statistics, strategies, leads sources, etc. Even if the “price is right” be very careful about getting sucked into shelling out your cash. So far, I have only found 1 company that can produce consistent quality with tangible results. Revisitors.com I always have a Revisitors campaign running, alongside other traffic campaign strategies listed within this article. They give a 20% discount for repeat customers, as well.

I have MANY pay-per-click campaigns running simultaneously. The key is, I only pay 2-7 cents per click, and ONLY for highly targeted traffic.

Facebook- Facebook is actually a great source for advertising home businesses, as well as offline local businesses. However, they are a bit tricky with their automated ad requirements. Read their ad guidelines before you post. If you have a home business you may need to be creative with your working, etc, to bypass their automated rejection system. If you can sell your product or service globally, you can easily get 2-3 cents per click with some trial and error.

Google Adwords- This is where I generate a solid chunk of my most valuable traffic. Set up several ads that will typically only attract clicks from people who are extremely targeted. The goal is not to get a super high CTR (click through rate). The goal is to get a decent CTR (.3%-1.0%) with clicking traffic being serious about what you sell. In order to get 5-10 cent clicks, you’ll need to spend some time using the Google Adwords keyword tool. Make a LARGE list of specific keywords and set your click-cost limit at 8-10 cents per click. You should average somewhere between 5-10 cents per click. With additional tweaking and additional keywords, you can get your click cost to 5-6 cents.

Business Cards

Have free or extremely cheap online cards printed with your website. Keep these cards very simple and plain. No image, name, phone number, address. Just the website and at very most 3-6 words that sum up what you offer. But keep it mysterious! Then leave cards where you go- where people will find them. No need to hand them out. No need to give them to friends. Leave them in the subway, taxi, dentist’s office, restaurant, whatever! Leave them right on a seat where someone has to pick it up. Most people are curious about a card if it’s laying around. This is where mysterious and simple = traffic.

I have spent thousands of dollars and many frustrating years learning that these strategies are effective. However, there is one piece to the puzzle. How do you know which method is most effective for you? How do you tweak and improve your advertising over time? This is essential, for long-term growth and big-time profits.
The answer is: use an advertising manager. There are many out there. I personally use AdMinder.

I sincerely hope you succeed with whatever your goals may be. Take care and best wishes,
Chad McMahan

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