Why do so few become profitable in Affiliate Programmes? What changes do we need to make to be successful? This article looks at how we manage ourselves, the approach we need to adopt and the need for realistic expectations. It puts forward practical suggestions for turning the tide of failure into success.

On starting down this road, the first thing you have to do is, “sort the wheat from the chaff”. When you start researching Affiliate Programmes on the Internet, you will be deluged with information. The challenge is finding the real gems amongst all the hype, hyperbole and outright lies.

The other challenge, which I am always fighting, is getting on with what you know you need to do. Not being sidetracked by every new scheme, course and video promotion that worms its way into your ‘inbox’. It is all too easy to end up switching from one course to another, from one scheme to the next, and never actually achieving anything. In the end, you quit, without earning a penny.

So, what is the solution? Here are some suggestions:

a. Set aside one or two weeks for research on the Internet. Check out the various Affiliate Programmes. During this time do not buy any course, scheme, ebook or any other promotion. And actually read the stuff you download, or at least skim through it so you get the gist of the message.

Take notes as you go, so when you do find some great information rich websites, you can return to them later. After a week or so you will know quite a bit about Affiliate Programmes, Internet marketing, promoting your website, Adwords, web traffic, etc.

b. Find a course that will train, support and guide you. Find a mentor who has successfully done it all before and can prove it. Check out their references. Google their name and see what others say about them. Avoid anyone who wants a lot of money upfront.

c. Sign up and stick at it. Find out what tasks you will need to complete, by when and in what order. Get a realistic idea of how long the whole process is expected to take before you will see some financial reward for all your work. You should be thinking months not weeks.

d. Now, set yourself daily, weekly and monthly goals. Initially your goals might be somewhat over or under ambitious. Adjust these accordingly so they are achievable if you work hard. As you progress, you can expect to come across more tasks that will need to be incorporated into your daily, weekly and monthly plans.

e. Reward yourself for achieving significant milestones. Give yourself (and your long suffering family!) a treat.

f. Do not give up if you are failing to meet your goals. Stand back and look at what is going on. Identify what is preventing you make the required progress. Do not beat yourself up! Find out what the problem is, agree a suitable course of action with your mentor and implement it. If your goals are simply not achievable in the time allowed, give yourself more time.

I cannot guarantee your success, but if you apply the above you will have a much greater chance of pushing through into profitability. I wish you every success in Affiliate Programmes.

Article by Philip Paine.

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