Many legitimate online business entrepreneurs who work from home will at some point outsource some of their tasks. Because it is possible to outsource to all corners of the globe many internet marketers find this aspect quite daunting. Fortunately though if you go into this part of your business with a set plan it will be much easier and you will encounter fewer problems.

Here are some guidelines that will make outsourcing easier to do.

1. What Tasks will You Outsource?

When setting up your outsourcing plan the first thing you need to do is to decide exactly which tasks will be outsourced. There are internet marketers who outsource practically all the projects involved from creating a website to the promotion of their businesses and others prefer to just outsource a few tasks.

As well as deciding which projects to outsource you will also need to decide whether you are going to use a company or employ independent people directly? Using a company will cost more because you will not only be paying for the project but also for the company to oversee the work and ensure that it is being completed correctly.

If you cannot make up your mind about which tasks are worth outsourcing then you need to think about how much your personal time is worth. It is possible for you to sit down and write a bunch of articles, but would that really be the best use of your time?

Here is a little exercise that can help you to work out how valuable your time is. For example if your time is worth $ 20 per hour and you can write 4 articles in an hour but you could outsource the article writing for less than $ 5 per article then this is one task that you should consider outsourcing. If on the other hand it is going to cost you $ 10 per article then your money is worth more than your time.

2. It is Important to Set a Budget.

Once you have decided on the tasks or projects that you want to outsource it is essential that you set a budget. Make it realistic and be sure to stick to it! This is the point at which many online business entrepreneurs get into trouble. The prospect of speeding up their profit generation gets them so excited that they over outsource and at the same time over extend their budget. Remember that every article that you have written and every task that you outsource carries a cost and you need to be sure that the cost is less than the value of your own time. 3. Begin with Small Tasks.

When first choosing people to outsource your projects to it is advisable to begin with small tasks as this will give you an opportunity to see the whole project completed before you spend a lot of money for it. If the task is done to your satisfaction then you can increase the size of your orders. If the job is poorly executed you will probably still have to pay for it but at least it won’t be too expensive and you can move on to someone else. So if for example you want someone to write 100 articles for you it would be a good idea to first start with 20 and if the job is well done your next order could be for more.

Outsourcing some of the tasks involved in running a legitimate online business will give you time to devote to the tasks that give you the most enjoyment and where your strong points can be used to their best advantage.

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