How to make your store look more professional is a common question that all Ebay store owners have in mind. Today, I will show you one of the tricks that you can show other items in your store in 1 listing. Here I call putting links of other items in pictures into the current listing?
Sometimes when you look at some professional Ebay stores, you will find that they have other items’ links in pictures at the end of the current listing. And you wonder how they can do that.
The purpose is to let customers know of other items you have in your store without them clicking their mouse to your physical store. This can earn you a lot of traffic as well as combined postage.
For example: I am now looking at the item ‘Mens combat trousers’ in the Goodssogood store, and at the bottom of the listing, there are other items of which I find the ‘Mens stripe shirts with tie’ and ‘Ladies sporty T-shirts’ very nice. So I click on the Men shirt and Ladies T-shirt’s pictures which lead me to their listings whereI can buy them.
So today, I will show you how to do this. It’s simple but it requires a bit of patience.
I.Resize pictures with Photoshop(or any picture software):
All you want is to have all your pictures at the same size and small enough for people easy to see, ideally with frame so they separate themselves from another.
You do not need to have knowledge at photoshop but if you have the software to resize the pictures, it will be great. Here is how:
Step 1: Open Photoshop or any picture software which you can resize, open the pictures you want to put in the listings, let say’Mens stripe shirts with tie’ and’Ladies sporty T-shirts’.
Step 2: Go to Image Image size, you can leave: 100 x 100 pixels
Step 3: Make frame: Go to Image Canvas size, leave it 0.2 x 0.2 (cm). Choose Canvas extension colour to be either black, brown or however you want the colour of the frame to be.
Step 4: Click Ok, and then Save as to the file

II.Upload to Photobucket(or any online picture storage site)
If you have not had an account, please register one, it’s free and takes less than 2 minutes. If you already have an account with Photobucket, simply add pictures to a NEW album, so you don’t use this small pictures by mistake.

III.Use Turbo lister
With Turbo lister, it’s easier to upload in bulk and in order to post links of other items to your listings, it can be only applied with Turbo lister, even how hard you try, it’s much more complicated to do straight with Ebay online. And on other hand, it’s much cheaper to upload in bulk with Turbo lister.
Ok, here I have 2 options:
Option 1: If you’ve already had all the listings live on Ebay store and you want to make your store look more professional, other items more obvious. That’s brilliant! Here is how:
Step 1: Go to Listing Activity where you can see all your live listings.
Step 2: Start with the first listing, let say ‘Men Combat trousers’, open it.
Step 3: Open the Description Builder
Step 4: As you can see, there are Design view, HTML view and Preview, click on Design view.
Step 5: Mark the position usually at the end of the listing you want to put small pictures of other items, we have here ‘Men stripe shirt with tie’ and’Ladies sporty T-shirts’with XXXXXXXX (make it long and capital so you will realise it easily when it goes to HTML view)
Step 6: Change to HTML view.
Step 7: Go to Photobucket, copy the HTML code of the pictures of the ‘Men stripe shirt with tie’ and’Ladies sporty T-shirts’by moving the mouse to the pictures, there will be a box of 4 different codes which are: Email IM code, Direct link code, HTML code and IMG code. CLICK on HTML code, it will automatically copied for you
Step 8: Try to find the XXXXXXX in the HTML view (you will understand now why I said make it long and capital here) and then paste this code into the XXXXXXXX, 1 X for 1 picture or however you wish.
Okie, so now you already have 2 small pictures of the ‘Men stripe shirt with tie’ and’Ladies sporty T-shirts’in your listing which is ‘Men combat trousers’
Step 9: Go back to Design view, here you will see your pictures
Step 10: Open your Ebay online listings and copy the link of the ‘Men stripe shirt with tie’ and’Ladies sporty T-shirts’
Step 11: Right click on the pictures of ‘Men stripe shirt with tie’ and’Ladies sporty T-shirts’. – Insert hyperlink then paste the link into the Addess.

There you go, you’ve got 2 links with pictures in your listing. Just repeat the process, follow my steps, play around a bit and you will do it quicker. It really helps you upgrade your store to a next level and results? Yes, it will drive much more traffic into your store and sale increases, for sure.

Oops,Option 2: You have got no Ebay online listing yet and just built your Ebay store. I am afraid you have to list all your items first. When they come live, you will then have the links to insert the hyperlink into the pictures. Once you have all your Ebay listings, simply follow my steps above.
Good luck and if you have any more question about this, please do not hesitate to contact me via email: stellarvuATyahooDOTcom

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Stella is the owner of the Ebay store She found out how to make her listings more attractive and delivers more other items of her shop rather than just the current listing. She puts links in pictures of other items into her listings. So in 1 listing, you can still see all her products. Check it out to see what she is really talking about

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