A lot of times when people are learning how to make money online and they hear that blogging is a great way to do that, they get confused about how that is going to work. It seems that the biggest question with beginners to the internet…and beginning bloggers is how to get traffic to the blog. Just like any other web site, there are several ways to get traffic.

Let the search engines know

Search engines love blogs because of the unique content…and that the content is changing all the time. Every time you post you have created new content.

That’s great…but you have to send a signal to the search engines that you put out that content. You let the search engines know you have new stuff by “pinging”-basically the equivalent of waving a big red flag that says “I’m here!”

Search engines may find your content eventually if you are writing good stuff, but give yourself-and your blog-a fighting chance and get that attention sooner by pinging.

List building

One of the easiest ways to get traffic is to focus on list building. You can do that through squeeze pages or opt-in forms on your blog…all your usual list building tools.

Email your existing list when you have a super cool blog post. They will read it and post comments and maybe even link to it from their blogs.

Driving traffic

You can also drive traffic to your blog through some traditional methods and linking back to your blog. In other words, anything that you would do to drive traffic to a squeeze page or web site, you can do to get visitors to your blog.

Press releases
Google AdWords
Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook

Personally, rather than spending tons of time on that I would focus on using your blog as something that gets indexed with search engines. As you get better and better at writing to your audience and showing up in search engines in a relevant and interesting format more people will find you. Then, over time they will link back to you.

Bottom line for people who want to know how to make money online-use blogs and some simple tools to get traffic to your blog. This will get you set up in a great circle of more and more readers…a bigger list…and let you make more and more money online.

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