For every internet marketer, there comes a time when you start making some money and then you can outsource your content needs to an article ghost writer.  For most of us, this is a pretty happy day.  No more slaving over the computer pounding out endless articles!  Now you can have somebody else do it, and they’ll probably do a better job writing than you ever did!


But when you first start outsourcing, it can feel like you’re putting your baby in somebody else’s hands.  Until now, you’ve been writing your blog and all of your site’s content, and even though it’s a pain in the behind, it’s comfortable.  You use your voice to communicate with your list members and readers, and now you’re turning it over to another person.  For this reason, you’ve got to find the best article ghost writer you can!


What A Good Article Ghost Writer Can Do


There’s a big difference between somebody out there who’ll crank out content for a couple bucks an article and a real live professional article ghost writer.  The difference is a matter of skill.  Your ghostwriter should be a native English speaker with excellent writing skills.  They should be able to write using your voice and according to your keyword specifications.


If they have a little experience with internet marketing themselves, this is a big plus.  Knowing some things about how the whole game works means that they can create content that really suits your needs.  For example, when you say that you need marketing articles to submit to directories, they’ll know how to create articles with the flow you need and the call to action that gets your readers clicking.


Often, an article ghost writer will be able to do much more than just your articles or blog posts.  You can hire them to submit your articles too, and have them take care of other writing needs like press releases, info products, autoresponder messages and forum posting.  It’s really wonderful if you can make one ghostwriter you’re go-to person for everything.


How To Find A Good Article Ghost Writer


The key for finding a great article ghost writer is to look at their testimonials and samples.  Testimonials show you all the feedback they’ve received from previous clients.  The more glowing reviews you see, the more you know you can trust the writer.  Their samples will show you what they can do.

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