Nowadays, people do not need to go outside, to a company or a factory to work and earn their living. Many people choose to work from home, which brings a lot of advantages. And below are hints for earning millions dollar from home.

As a 34 year-old, mother of two, I had a goal of making major cash flow and most importantly I wanted to do this by finding ‘work from home’ techniques.  My goal was initially to retire early and do nothing but watch my children grow but I learned quickly that I could get board just sitting at home watching my stacks of money.  Well the stacks weren’t actually there, as of yet, but let me show you the guidelines I use to reach both goals.  The actual goals to work at home and gain financial freedom were important to me but how I got there taught me a very importantly lesson.  If I could teach my children or anyone else who cared to listen that changing your way of life is very difficult but if you succeed at achieving that goal you have accomplished much more for your self esteem.  So take a look at the steps I used to achieve my goal.  Use them as you will and make the needed change in your life.

First of all I walked into my purpose, of changing my wealth, just like I was learning math, a foreign language, or a sport. Practice, Practice, Practice!  You might be asking, “How do you practice at being wealthy?”

 Well, I was brought up knowing and practicing one way of managing money (which wasn’t working) so I had to learn a whole new world to change my behavior.  Here are the six major steps I took in my journey to make change in my life:  


Immerse yourself in the subject.

I turned to books and tapes on getting rich or ‘work from home’ web sites.  I chose authors that I did not necessarily like to provoke change.  Through this emission in financial data I did get a bit overloaded at times but consistency with the subject and a verity of different facts and opinions on the subject started to provoke change.


Write down clear and concise goals. 

After hearing this statement many times I finally wrote something down and when I actually put the pen to the paper I didn’t create a master piece, I wrote a sentence that stated something like this, “I want to work from home and be financially free.”  As time went on and I learned more about the subject I was able to define my goals a bit clearer. Share your goal(s).  This one hurt me!  I really contemplated the purpose of this step. This is how I rationalized it.  I learned that those around me may belittle me for my goal… I feared that individuals would put me down for the fact that I wasn’t grateful enough for what I had.  Then I looked at my confidence and realized I had what it takes to do anything.  I have succeeded before but more often on the quite side!  So I tweaked this step a bit.  Knowing that my quiet confidence gets me through I decided to choose this route.  I didn’t stand on a rock and declare to the world that I wanted to work from home and get filthy rich in doing so; I let it out a little at a time.  As I told a few individuals I realized even if they don’t agree with me I didn’t take it personally.  After a few mentions I had people asking me how they could do the same in their own lives.

Ignore the negativity! 

Well this is why I am here sharing with you. The supportive people in your world and mine do not want to hear how we want to change.  Even though they may mean well, they don’t want you to change your world!  That would mean change in their world!  Could it be jealousy, fear, or just the plain old fact that it is human nature to resist change even if it is possibly for the better? So try to branch out and attract those who are interested in your goal.  You would truly think that my friends wouldn’t care if I wanted to work from home.  But our friends and loved ones have opinions of their own. So if you attract those who are extremely opposed to your goals, assuming your goals are legal, who cares! Maybe you’ll learn from them… maybe you will change their focus… Does it really matter?  What matters is, what YOU want to achieve! So my new motto became, “some will, some won’t, so who cares!”  


I learned that everyone has to be good in sales.  I saw the word ‘sales’ and shut down. Let me state this fact… I am good in sales and have succeeded in past at sales jobs then ran like crazy at the first opportunity to GET AWAY from sales.  Now, I learn ‘sales’ is standing in the way of my goals.  I questioned the phrase “work from home,” and felt I shouldn’t have to sell to anyone.  I wasn’t happy but with all of my knowledge I was learning to gather the most information regarding my least favorite topics.  I then realized I referred to sales a bit different… I didn’t need the competitive sales but only sell this idea to myself.  After I was sold on my own ideas people will begin to follow.  When I was certain where I was going I would find other leaders like myself.  So I dove in head first to a couple different opportunities and absorbed as much training as possible.  I chose health related opportunities because that was the largest interest of mine.

Never Quit. 

This step is so important! I would forget about my goals, change my opinion, and lose sight of my goals.  There are so many things to keep you busy in your current life to distract you from making change! But if you want change to happen you have to make it happen.  Keep refereeing back to your written goals.  Read. Change them. Whatever it is to keep your goal(s) at the forefront!  You will get discouraged! You will get distracted! You will want to give up because change is difficult! But make your decision now and every day from here on out. What you have always done got you where you are today… If you want a different outcome in your life… you have to change your current actions and you can’t quit!

So ultimately I changed my life.  I achieved my goal.  I work from home and I make an excellent amount of money!  Can you take the difficult step in changing your life? Can you lose the weight? Can you break a bad habit? I wish you luck in your venture and hope to hear what steps you took to ultimately achieve your goals and make change in your life.

Leah Flores is a Human Resource Manager for a chain of newspapers. Her vast experience in the Newspaper business with sales, marketing, video design and photography puts her in a league of her own. As she adapts to the changing market and economical environment her constant quest for knowledge and motivation for successes is recognized as a respected leader. Sign up for a free tour of her most successful Venture to Succeed at or

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