If you have done any research at all into how and where to find things to sell on eBay, then you have heard all of the same things that everyone is already aware of: Garage Sales, Flea Markets and other such cheap depots.

The problem with that is that almost everyone by now has tried to start a business selling on eBay. This is not meant to frighten you off, it is just a fact. That means that if you buy from a garage sale, then chances are you are only going to buy something that someone has already tried and failed to sell online.

I should add a disclaimer at this point. If you are better than most people at selling on eBay and your auctions utilize some form of HTML or other interesting design or template then by all means, use whatever outlet you can find for your inventory. A good design and compelling auction copy is half the eBay battle.

That having been said, however, I still feel that there are two kinds of products that are clearly the best to sell on eBay: Products that are free to acquire, products that you can sell again and again without having to buy more.

The only product that I can think of in this category are information products. An information product is a PDF document that teaches someone how to do something: Earn money, lose weight, play billiards, almost anything. There is an information product for almost anything you can think of. And if you can’t find one, with a little bit of practice you will find them very easy to create.

Most of these products are cheap or free to acquire and, once you get one, you can sell it again and again. The only thing that you need is a CD burner and a stack of cheap CD’s. eBay has recently changed its rules regarding the delivery of information products, they now need to be sold as hard goods.

But the hard goods requirement is to your advantage because it has eliminated a lot of the competition. Do you need High Profit, Low Cost items to sell on eBay? The single best product to sell on eBay is one that you can sell again and again, without having to buy more. I am offering you, absolutely free, five products that are pure eBay profit just by going to my website.

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