As at October 2010, Google has changed the manner that its search results are publicized on the main page. These adjustments are going to very much change the manner you look for things on Google. To understand exactly how these improvements have affected the results page you may well desire to open up a Google page and follow along with this article.

Open Google right now and search for Florists Brisbane. You will see that several things have changed and others have not. We’ll go over these changes along with what they portend to you being a consumer as well as a business owner.

The foremost thing you notice when you search Florists Brisbane is a collection of 3 results highlighted in a lightly coloured background. These are Google Ad Words and these are advertising spots that are auctioned off by Google and is how they produce income. It is an auction so the results in this box can vary periodically. Additionally you will notice Google Ad Words in the direction of the far right beneath the map to the right. Google has preferred to position the advertisings into this spot for a reason. In respect to a survey prepared on eye placement, the topmost left corner is the point on the monitor that people are generally drawn to and where the foremost clicks are going to occur.

Subsequently you will see that the map that was brought up in the previous paragraph has moved from just under the Adverts portion to the right of the advertisements. This is for the reason that Google Places has taken over the uppermost positions within the search results. Google Places is the physical addresses of businesses and are uploaded to Google and are indexed through keywords and content on the Google Places page itself. If you are a business proprietor it is extremely straightforward, and not to mention without charge, to set up a Google Places Page. First you will have set up a Google account which is without charge and will take around 3 to 4 minutes. Next run a search for Google Places and the page will be among the primary results. While signed in it is possible to then create your Google Places page and have it indexed by Google. Most of the notable information is accessible here, contact information, directions, etc. Making a business simple to retrieve on the web promptly was among the key focuses for this transformation.

Nowadays under the Google Places results you may notice that there are actually now only a few Search Engine Optimized results presented on this page. That is for the reason that as you get farther down the monitor, you’re less prone to click on a link there according to the eye placement survey that was prepared. If you are yet aiming at getting your major website show up here as being a top pick it is possible to still do that, and all you have to do is search for Local Search Engine Optimisation in Google.

These are three ways that you can currently become a top search result on Google. The design of the page is less difficult to navigate for users and superior at pointing potential customers to the right location for businesses. This was an overall good variation for everybody.

But there is still One More great way to get a top listing on Google’s first Page. This other Great way To get Top rankings in Google is with Video. According to statistics browsers are more likely to click on a video link on the first page of Google than any other link.

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