Your Goal Setting Game Plan for Real Estate
In your goal setting game plan for real estate your goals shouldn’t be generalized desires, such as “I want more money” or “I want to be happy.” Goals should be exact, specific outcomes–results you can get your head and emotions around. The first step to living your dream life is put your goals in writing.  I achieved a great deal of financial success without setting specific goals; frankly I didn’t set any, I flew by the seat of my pants & as I learned, made money in spite of myself.  Several years ago that all came to a crashing halt; I was too proud or stubborn to ask for help & refused to admit publicly that I didn’t know everything.  My life is still a work in progress (guess I’d be pushing up daises if it wasn’t) & I wanted to share with you what I have learned to do & put into action.  It certainly did not take place over night, but realizing I was not alone & aligning myself with others on the same path as well as identifying those who were where I wanted to be has gone a long way to allowing me to create the life I want to lead.  
Set your overall life goal and vision.
What works best for me is first setting my overall life goal, which is also my master vision and overview. Hanging with Danny & Rick has put this into overdrive. Develop that vision into my one-year goals with specific monthly, weekly, and daily goals and actions that move in that direction for each section of my life.
Set Your One Year Goals.
List your one-year goals in each of the following categories: mental health, physical health, finances, spirituality, family, significant other, family, business and contributions. Once your yearly goals are written, break them down into achievable monthly, weekly and daily routines and activities like baby steps. Use your calendar, day planner or other organizing tool to record the activities and keep track of your progress. It’s critical to always have your goal forms and life planning documents at your fingertips, as accessible to you as your regular planner, whether it’s electronic or on paper (I’m still using index cards & legal pads). Like most people, I have a list a mile long of things to accomplish (my own version of the Honey –do list)–all of which have grown directly out of my goals.

Find a mentor.
Choose someone you respect and who has accomplished what you’re setting out to do. Then just ask. Some people let their fear of rejection or of being an imposition get in the way of posing this simple question: Would you be willing to mentor me? Of course, there’s a little more conversation involved, including telling the prospective mentor why it will benefit him or her, too.
(Remember what you are learning here; exchange value for value)
If you have difficulty with any aspect of this goal-setting process, just set it aside for a day, then come back to it. Don’t feel you have to complete your goals in one 15-minute scribbling session. Legendary basketball coach John Wooden said he used to spend more than one hour of planning for every 10 minutes of actual practice. With this formula, he won more NCAA basketball championships than any coach ever had.
To fuel action on your goals, take some time to consider how achieving them makes you feel. How will you act, walk, and talk when you achieve each goal? What will you do with your new abundant life? Come up with as many positive reasons and anchors as you can for achieving your goal to fuel you to do your best. Don’t sit on the sidelines waiting for things to change, they won’t. Take charge and make your dreams a reality.

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