Students are now hard to find a job, many girls began to hurry to get married, despite the accumulation of negative years of studying hard serious disconnect with the society of knowledge, but at least can be considered a shortcut. I’ve said, the two women more than men in general way?? Addition, like men, and the world outside of PK, one can marry until one child. To get married for the curve of employment, echoed by many critics but no moral injury, but some people choose to face severe employment pressure to do his mistress, then it and the ethics related to the. Female university students mistresses, whether moral or personal life will suffer, of course, female students would rather do mistress, presumably because the psychological pleasure, but the difficult employment behind the driver can not be ignored.

More and more women think marriage is the response may be hard to find a good way. As the employment pressure, some female university students in Beijing to prepare a “family of complete marriage”: the first after graduation to find a cause, responsible Ruyilangjun, to be stable and then continue looking for work life. According to some wedding site statistics, the rise of the registered population, about to graduate female students accounted for a large part.

Employment Female Students is an indisputable fact. “Men first” often appears in the recruitment Advertisement On. Reporter in the recruitment of meeting that special status, gender-specific requirements exist, such as innovation often prefer boys to post. Female employment discrimination in the workplace as an invisible wall, making some women deprived of equal employment opportunities. Computer science graduates to Chen, the beginning of senior year, on preparing resumes and a variety of information, and also take part in some job advice and training. She noted with concern that, female students of science and engineering jobs to face more pressure, their class of boys, many have found the unit, while she was still her job to run around.

In fact, employment of female graduates is not so difficult to think of. NPC female employment rate largely flat with the boys. In some media, Education Etc., female staff accounted for a considerable proportion. Beijing Municipal Education Commission of Statistics, Beijing elementary school, junior high teachers in general the proportion of female teachers accounted for 78%, respectively, 71% and 67%, and tended to increase the proportion of female teachers. Customer service, accounting, public relations, administrative Management , And Writing, editing and education, insurance, hospitality and so more suitable for women to discuss women in these positions, even by employing units.

No lack of girls in a job search advantage, job search time to play to their advantage, highlighting strengths. Deputy Director of Employment Office of People’s University, Intrusion Detection, said employment of female graduates have obvious advantages: they are thinking strong, thinking in images and thinking more detailed comprehensive boys; their strong contacts with moderate, understanding the characteristics; their language ability, ability to use language stronger than words male; their learning ability. Female college students in the workplace should give full play to their advantages, so that the employer authorized.

However, it is undeniable that the physical aspects of girls have some disadvantages. From the physiological point of view, women should be inferior to men in physical strength, indirect impact on travel, overtime, etc.. Fertility and marriage is the traditional “men and women stay home” attitude has affected the life of female employment, makes girls a competitive disadvantage in the workplace. In addition, in the minds of most people, indecision, lack of rationality, the lack of adventurous spirit, logical analysis is poor and women are often equated. Experts pointed out that the disadvantage of women job-seekers more out of misunderstanding. In reality, many women suffer more. Xinhua News Agency, a female reporter, often in-depth interviews in remote rural areas, and even risked their lives to reporters dare not venture into the male line, hard to pay to make her characters well received newsletter; is called “battlefield Rose” Female Phoenix reporter Lu Qiu Luwei than men because of their courage and fearlessness to win social recognition; Ren Changxia, the public security front warrior is life, he composed a magnificent heroic odes. In basic education front, the health care industry has a large number of female workers in playing a role, there are many of them were commended for outstanding work. Constant development of society, “men, women stay home” concept has changed dramatically in the past by women doing housework, and now many men have begun to engage, educate their children is something both spouses.

Face greater employment pressure, female college students job apart Advantage, but also to avoid short. Central University of Finance, Department of Human Resources Management School of Business, said Dr. Xu Zhaoming, female college students job to avoid the strong dependence of the relative weakness of the employer to avoid leaving “weak-minded” the impression, to establish the “cause as the most important” work attitude, and truly allow the employer to recognize and accept their own at the same time, job as much as possible before the accumulation of human capital, through the accumulation of human capital to make up for additional growth brought about by an interruption of the loss.

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