Whether you are selling a product you or someone else makes, or are promoting a service, there are some basic things you must take into consideration when starting an ecommerce business. Having some experience with owning a business, having a website as well as a real store, here are some real, practical things you need to have or know beforehand.

First and fore most is that you believe in whatever it is that you are trying to promote. It really doesn’t matter how hard you try, what venue you look too, you will have trouble selling some thing if you wouldn’t use it. If you like something, let’s say, lawn tractors, for some obscure example. If you happen to have one and like it a lot, and consider selling them, look into more details by perhaps searching online. If it’s a particular brand, see how long they have been doing business, are they made here or abroad, things like that. Even if the product or service is complex, the more you get into the details, the easier it is to talk about, as well as answer questions.

If you are looking into a product or service that you yourself are not manufacturing or offering, make sure you get as much information on it as you possibly can. Do a search on the Internet for it first, try to find independent and unbiased reviews, and comments made from people who have bought the product or used the services. Many times you will find testimonials from people endorsing it, but you want to also try to find comments from people who may have not had such a good experience as well. There are some sites on the Internet that are specialized in finding out this kind of information.

Other good things to consider is where the product is made, or where the service originates. If you are promoting a product, who manufactures it and where could be important to consumers. Knowing things like, what are the companies policies on returns, warranties, what they are doing to help the environment, as well as many others can sometimes mean the difference between someone buying or not. If you are making the products, buy locally whenever possible so you can say that when you are promoting.

Remember, while it’s great to sell large quantities of a product, the quality of it sells far more in the long run. If you are selling some cheaply made product, customers will not be happy when it breaks down and have to buy another one right away. Chances are not only will they look elsewhere, but certainly won’t refer their friends to you. If they buy something that lasts a long time, they will be more inclined to buy a replacement from you. The higher the quality they experience, the more likely they will send their friends and family to buy from you.

Always have some kind of warranty, or return policy in case something happens. Whether you make the product, or selling someone else’s, the better these are the more likely consumers will buy. If you have ever had problems yourself dealing with these situations, you will totally understand the importance.

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How to Start an Online Store:Get a Domain Name
Getting a domain is easy
You want your url to be short and easy to spell
Bonus if your url contains the keyword your trying to rank for
For example if you want to be on the front page for peanut butter, its a good idea to peanut butter in your url though its not mandatory. For example peanut butter.com or peanutbutterlovers.com
To buy your domain you can go to godaddy and get 99cent domain names by typing in 99 cent domain names in google
How to Start an Online Store:Pick A Shopping Cart
If this is your first time with a ecommerece store I recommended having a hosted cart,
A hosted cart means less work for you and you won’t have to deal with the technical side of things
Three of the best options are Big Commerece, Shopify and Volusion
I recommend Shopify because its probably the easiest cart out there to use
And if you are serious about starting an online store no excuse you should at least sign up for there free trial. You can click here or go to the show notes below to get a free 14 day trial of shopify. That is enough time to go through this tutorial and see if you like it.
You can also try out Volusion and bigcommerece, and although I actually currently use Volusion, if I had to start over again I would for sure use Shopify.
How to Start an Online Store:merchant services
Merchant services allow you to get paid, and you need to set this up before you launch your store.
There is different ways to go about this, and if you use shopify like I recommended in the last video you don’t need to worry about this step. However if you use most other carts you will need to get a merchant services account and set it up.
Call around to get the best rates
Lots of different companies do this including authorize.net, beanstream and more
No matter what should also set up paypal as a lot of people prefer to use paypal
How to Start an Online Store:Keyword Research
Keyword Research is the foundation of your ecommerece business. What Should you name your products, well lucky for you google has the answer
Example: Fold Over Shorts or High Waist Shorts
Every aspect of your store should be targeting a keyword
Two components keyword planner
How much traffic and
Compeitivness (just look, majestic etc
How to Start an Online Store:SEO – On Page SEO
If you watched the last video you already know you need to do your keyword research before even worrying about SEO.
SEO means search engine optimization which is just a fancy way of saying tactics for getting your store higher in google
Google isn’t great at figuring out whats on a site, its not that smart…okay well it is getting pretty darn smart but Google rewards people who makes its job easier.
There is two main categories of SEO on page seo and off page seo
On Page SEO is what you should focus all of your time on in the beginning.
This is the ascepect of making it easier for google to read your website
There are 5 main areas we are going to focus on
Using Keywords
H1 (and 2,3,4) tags
Meta Title and Meta Description (which also sounds fancier then it is)
Alt Image tags
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