A former eBay Millionaire and the author of “eBay Fortune – The Definite Roadmap to Auction Riches” Tom Barnes considers eBay selling extremely simple. He claims that the only easier way to make money is if they grow on trees! He swears that he can turn you into one of the eBay ‘s PowerSellers! Is it really possible?

Although we have heard about lot of people who don’t earn when selling on eBay, there are currently 4%  PowerSellers among all eBay sellers. I read a testimony written by Tracey, who tells how she signed up to eBay last year, but never really sold much of anything. When she found “eBay Fortune – The Definite Roadmap to Auction Riches”, she decided to give eBay another try. A few months have passed since she began selling tennis rackets. Within the first month of business she earned a little over $ 3,400 in profits from her sales. She began to list more products by expanding into general sports equipments and no doubt that she will be reaching PowerSeller status soon. To be a PowerSeller according to the eBay’s requirement you must make at least $ 1,000 per month. Thus Tracey already qualifies as a PowerSeller. Gold PowerSellers make more than $ 10,000, and the Platinum level PowerSellers make at least $ 25,000 each month. The eBay millionaires are top ranking Titanium PowerSellers, who must earn at least $ 150,000 every month.

Thus,it is possible to become an eBay millionaire. For example, Jonathan Garriss worked in a small shoe store before he started selling overstock on eBay; now he runs Gotham City Online, a $ 6 million to $ 8 million business selling shoes on eBay. Anyone can become a millionaire using the internet these days. There are plenty of people whose full-time job is selling on eBay, and some of them have been doing it for years now. Many people are finding methods to get rich online and one of the best ways is to sell products on the auction site eBay. eBay is the largest online marketplace to sell items in the whole world and it is also the biggest online shopping destination out of all the sites on the web.

To become a successful eBay business owner you need to learn what eBay millionaires have done to make their wealth. “eBay Fortune – The Definite Roadmap to Auction Riches” reveals exact steps and strategies that made him a millionare. In addition, there are even totally free courses available, as the recipient of the first eBay Entrepreneur Of  The Year Award, Francis Ochoco has just updated his best selling eBay Course “Auction Wealth Map” and  he’s now giving it away for for Free!  Ochoco is well known for the speed in which he built a successful eBay business, and he is now teaching people how to duplicate his success. Thus you can take advantage of it! At least, I did.

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