Now you’ve finally decided on a good drop shipping service, one that is real and has a good reputation with goods that you can actually sell for a profit. Only one little problem: your chosen drop shipper is not one of the eBay drop shippers. So you choose what products of theirs you would like to sell in your store. Once you do, you spend hours and hours on end making individual listings in your eBay store.

This involves copying and pasting photos and descriptions or retyping info into each appropriate text box and making sure all the other text boxes are filled in or checked accordingly to reflect on your listing. This can be a slow and arduous task that may take several days, not to mention they eye and hand fatigue that comes with working on your computer. Oh, and one other thing I hope you considered. What if you sell something only to find out the drop shipper no longer has that item in stock? Now what will you do?

Instead, imagine that you can just check a box next to all items your drop shipper has available that you want listed in your store. When you’re done doing that all you have to do is click a “Submit” button and all the items would, in a matter of minutes, appear in your eBay store. Wouldn’t that be a lot easier? All those long, hard hours working at the computer have been eliminated. No more manually updating your store listings based on low stock or out-of-stock notifications from your drop shipper. That will surely take a load off your mind. No more worrying about selling an item only to find out your drop shipper no longer has it in stock.

If your drop shipper is one of the many eBay drop shippers, you will have these conveniences without the stress caused by running out of a particular item. This is because all eBay drop shippers have eBay Certifications and auction integrated tools to create, edit, and delete listings in an eBay store. Hence, if the drop shipper runs out of or backorders a product, they can delete that listing automatically. If there is a price change on the stock item they may even adjust your price accordingly. No more checking with your drop shipper to see if they still have the items you’ve listed.

Also, another benefit of being a member of one of the eBay drop shippers is that it’s easier to form a good relationship with them. This is because they’re already familiar with eBay. Their customer service staff are equipped to better solve your problems than a non-eBay service.

So, if you do open an eBay store, by all means use any of the several eBay drop shippers available. When visiting drop shippers’ sites look for the eBay logo, find out if they are eBay certified, and if they have the auction integrated tools. Drop shippers such as Salehoo, Shopster, and Dropshipping Wholesalers have them to name a few.

If You’re Interested in learning how to start a dropshipping business from scratch, without wasting countless hours looking for a company to dropship for you, I have created a site that will get you started in just a couple of minutes. Dropshipping Service Reviews learn more here. eBay Dropshippers learn how to start your business here.

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