When it comes to starting a small business you need to think about which small business home income opportunity you want to pursue. For most people when it comes to working at home to create an income they are worried that it just won’t work they way they plan, and this is a very valid concern. The most important thing no matter what your small home business is going to be is you need to follow through with your plan and make sure you have  all your plans and strategies written down so you know exactly what you are supposed to do.

Here are 3 small business home income opportunities that you can easily do to make a great living.

Craigslist Seller – Most people have heard of craigslist but not many people have heard of a full time craigslist seller. All a craigslist seller does is finds low priced items online or at yard sales and resells them on Craigslist. The nice part about doing this is you get to pick what items you sell and what you are going to sell them for. The most notable person to do this sold cell phones that they bought in bulk on Ebay and then resold on Craiglist and within 14 months made over $ 1 million. How would you like to make $ 1 million dollars in just over 1 years?

Become Honey – I bet you are wondering what this is, and I don’t blame you. Everybody has a Honey-Do-List, but Honey never wants to do what is on the list, that is why the list just keeps getting bigger and bigger. This is where you come in, that is why you are Honey. All you need to do is advertise that you are the new Honey and whatever is on the Honey-Do-List is what you are willing to do.

Craft sales – Selling crafts is a great business that you can do from home and even take it online and to flee markets. The nice part about this is you don’t have to sell your own crafts, you can find crafts that other people do and sell those. The reason selling other peoples items are a great idea is because most people don’t have time to sell their creations, or they just hate that aspect of it. Doing this from home is great, but once you get a decent income flowing then attempt to take your sales online.

If you still don’t know what you want to do then click here for more ideas to make money.

Adam Snyder is also an avid stock trader and has created stock trading training.