Dish Network is now the 4th largest pay-TV provider in the United States. Many families are satisfied with the channels and service that they receive from the company. TV viewing forms an integral part of our lives and Dish Network makes sure that we get what we want. Can other territories opt for Dish Network? Puerto Rico is the answer to your question. This unincorporated territory of America has many satisfied customers who receive high definition channels for attractive prices. What is it that sets Dish Network apart from the other pay-TV providers?

1. While keeping internal costs low, the company is able to provide many packages which are reasonably priced. Other pay-TV providers lack this advantage. For about $ 30 you can gain access to more than a hundred channels!

2. Since its inception in 1996, Dish Network has always put customer satisfaction as one of their topmost priorities. In 2010, the network was voted as the number one in customer service. Puerto Ricans who face any problems with the satellite transmission can call up a help-line at any time of the day!

3. The Dish technology HD receivers are top-class, award winning devices. They have a host of features such as live recording, Dolby digital sound, PIP (picture in picture), and built in Sling technology. There are other features as well which help to make your TV experience a wholesome one.

For residents of Puerto Rico, there are many dealers who provide Dish Network packages. All you need to do is choose and pay for the pack that has all the channels you want. The dealer will take care of the rest.

The DISHLatino Clasico package is economical and comes with many channels as well. For a monthly fee of just $ 29.99 a customer can avail 105 channels. You can watch a wide variety of channels ranging from movies, sports, music, and entertainment to cartoons. It is the perfect package for a family who has a limited budget for television viewing.

The DISHLatino Dos pack is a notch above the classic one. With 200 channels you also get the option of bilingual programming (English and Spanish)! This comes to you at a nominal price of just $ 39.99!

The package of all packages is the DISHLatino Max. At $ 52.99, it is a combination of the above mentioned packs. The future lies with Dish Network. Puerto Rico residents are only too happy about this.

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