Being one of the leading satellite television service providers of USA, DISH Network TV has always come up with brand new technologies to satisfy their customers to the fullest. Recently, it is offering the advanced DVR receivers, through which you can record all of your preferred television shows at any point of time.

Even if you miss any episode, there is no need to worry at all as DISH Network DVR receivers actively take care of the same. While watching the TV shows, the users can even pause and playback it according to their necessities.

Different Types of DVR receivers:

DISH DVR receivers can be distinguished in two different forms such as, the Solo and Duo receivers. A Solo Receiver can usually be connected with a single television, while on the contrary a Duo Receiver can b connected with two television sets simultaneously.

Significant Aspects of the DVR Receivers:

DISH Network DVR receivers cater with all those unique features, which make it widely popular among the masses. These are as follows:

Compatible with both the standard definition and high definition programming
Enhanced Dolby Digital audio technology
Supports a wide range of display resolutions like, 480i, 480p, 720p ,1080i and 1080p ( this is pertinent for only Video on Demand)
The augmented feature of Picture-in-picture (PIP), which allows you to view two different things on a single screen
The privilege of watching one show and recording another one concurrently
The facility of viewing a pre-recorded program and recording two other shows at the same time
Hard disk drives, which provide an adequate amount of space to store the recorded television programs. The size usually varies from 160 GB to 1 terabyte.
The additional feature of viewing over-the-air digital SD and HD broadcasts
Well-suited with the external hard drives
The advanced feature of Video-on-Demand, which enables the users to choose from a variety of television shows and movies
On-screen caller ID with history
Certified by the EPAs newest Energy Star

Terms and Conditions:

The display resolution and audio quality are widely dependent on programming and hence can differ according to the situation
The Caller ID subscription with your local phone company is also very necessary
The recording capacity is also reliant on the type of programming
Few additional equipments or authorization might be required for over-the-air digital broadcasts.

Among the various models of DISH Network DVR receivers, the ViP 922 SlingLoaded DVR is the most prominent one. With the advanced feature of DISH Network TV Everywhere, the users can even watch the programs from PCs, laptops, Smart phones etc. Again, with the 1 terabyte hard drive, you will no longer face the problem of low hard disk space. It is currently the largest in the television industry and has already been highly appreciated by the customers.

DISH Network constantly upgrades itself to feed the diversified requirements of the consumers. The high quality DISH Network receivers are sure to make your entertainment a special one as these bring crystal clear picture and sound output in your television.