Long running lawsuit against the satellite giant, Directv is resolved as the provider settles dispute by paying the State a huge fine of $ 13.25 million and even agreed to pay compensation to subscribers who were grieved of its dubious policies that did not clarify pricing rules. It has settled the war against AG, BBB and consumers that alleged that the provider was following unethical means and that its advertising campaigns were ambiguous. With this settlement, the streak of complaints pouring in by both consumers and 50 Attorney Generals came to an end. They revealed the facts that the El Segundo-based Californian Company was luring people falsely into signing up for DirecTV subscription without clearly stating its cost in detail.

Taking examples from its different programming package and as also stated by Attorney General, Jerry Brown in California, DirecTV offered one such pack at a promotional price of just $ 29.99 each month. However, it actually charged subscribers on a regular basis around $ 53.99 or $ 63.99 for the services every month. Nevertheless, the company did not bother to sufficiently unveil the discounted price to its subscribers, which would otherwise increase during the term of the second year.

Moreover, the provider promised its subscribers of both local programming channels and sports channels, but it did not keep its promise, as consumers did not receive any of these channels. In addition, since the year 2006, it has been reported by officials and other subscribers that the provider extended the contract without informing them. All these complaints prove the fact that the company is hard bend on earning revenues by cheating customers.

It is shocking to know that under these circumstances, the company did not accept its fault. Instead, its Chief Executive, Mike White said that the company has implemented improvements already and that a thorough research should be conducted to support these grievances by AGs. He said, We want to be clear, transparent and upfront with our customers in what these deals are when people sign up for our service. It was important that we resolve these issues because we are a high-integrity company and we value our customer-service reputation. And frankly, we wanted to get this matter behind us.

On the other hand, the Attorney General (AG) in California said that they are reviewing about 1136 complaints lodged against the company since 2007 to find out which subscribers are entitled for restitution. And those who are residents of California can file a suit against the provider latest by June 9, 2011. Others can contact the Attorney General in their State.

But this is hard to digest that how an immensely popular satellite TV giant like DirecTV can even think of following unfair business practices? All these upheaval doesnt prick their conscience? We can just hope that all becomes well soon.

Sophia Johnson is an eminent writer of social media and also a DirecTV customer for last two years. But recently she faces some problems while renewing her package plans, and being a writer she feels its her social duty to let her countrymen know about this malpractice of DirecTV. To know more about it visits my Facebook page.