Deyang, Sichuan, ancient Jing Town, Western Sichuan Plain, a bright pearl, is a major technical equipment manufacturing base of China, on behalf of the domestic machinery industry and even the world’s highest level, known as “the western Ruhr”, “Oriental Budapest” and reputation It is built in Sichuan, “as De Mian,” an important part of the economic belt. However, last year’s Wenchuan Earthquake And allows this is off the “reload all”, suffered a painful doom. Deyang, starting from the ruins of a difficult and long road to rebirth.

The same up and down in the global case of heavy losses suffered as a major force in local economic development, Deyang Quality Supervision Bureau of the difficulties, play in the earthquake relief from the “patron saint of quality and safety” role. Especially in this year’s “Quality and Safety Year” activities, quality supervision bureau in Deyang careful organization, they will quality building materials, Food Safety And special equipment and supervision as the most important, a solid and effectively promoting the “Quality and Safety Year” activities, for the economy after the earthquake slip Deyang speed, speed up development and make a positive contribution.

Food Security articles “Sunshine supervision” to create their food
In Deyang City, with many food producers, in order to ensure that the people enjoy their food, so every batch of “made in Deyang” food is 100% safe and secure, quality supervision bureau in Deyang food enterprises “Sunshine supervision”, taken series of effective measures, efforts to protect food safety.

June 1 this year, and refined five-year “Food Safety Law,” the official Sword, Deyang Quality Supervision Bureau has invited the well-known industry experts, on the city’s 400 large-scale food producers responsible for the “Food Safety Law “training, and more specifically the” corporate responsibility for human food safety first, “the question of meaning, in the enterprise rise to an scrambling to learn the” Food Safety Law, “the boom.

Order for food safety supervision more efficient, transparent, Deyang Quality Supervision Bureau has developed “in 2009 the quality and safety of food production and processing industries to implement the program and rectification work,” and in accordance with the Sichuan Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau Unity Arrangements carried out Meat , Dairy products , Bee products and the use of cyclamate in food production and processing enterprises of the special inspection, inspected food production and processing enterprises and small workshops 915, on the examination of problems in the enterprise shall order rectification immediately. Add to combat illegal substances and the abuse of non-food Food Additives Special rectification action, Deyang, Bureau of Quality Supervision, “do not leave a dead corner” on the city’s 12 food additive manufacturers and more than 270 additives in food production enterprises Mill all-weather monitoring.

At the same time, it also opened up on food manufacturers “green channel”, examined the production license, replacement and other related businesses with the quality supervision departments to implement a one-stop processing, 24-hour business services; some small enterprises are facing laboratory personnel to detect weak, etc., it also sent professional entered the production line to help businesses carry out inspection work and provide technical guidance. It is understood that, as of now, quality supervision bureau in Deyang new issue of food production license of 23, eight additional units in 10 enterprises, 48 enterprises completed the replacement work.

“Our goal is to have all of the food industry are produced in the sun, at any time open the door to accept the consumer testing, for the majority of consumers see the ease of food.” Deyang, party secretary of Quality Supervision Bureau, Bureau of Long Yang Jingming said.

Quality supervision bureau in Deyang, the full protection, “Deyang made” food is name of security, rest assured that the “labels”, an endless stream of transport throughout the country.

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