For a large number of printing enterprises, electricity consumption rose, the water gone up …… Development and Reform Commission of each adjustment to the common people not only heart rate, these enterprises are all getting scared. Financial crisis impact on China has been gradually passing away, but the accompanying threat of inflation has become a business development of new concerns. HC printing network Now price rise, the water is gone up, housing prices rose, prices become the hottest word this time. Since the latter half of this year prices were coal, cotton, natural gas, which also sparked fears of inflation.

From 20, the Beijing Non-residents up 0.40 yuan with a price / cubic meter, adjusted Sell Price of 5.80 yuan / cubic meter. According to the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission in its official website also announced at the same time, residents of tariff adjustment hearing will be held immediately, the capital price adjustment started.

Before that, price adjustment across the country from the beginning of the curtain opened. It is understood that, from January 1 this year, the Guangzhou water full prices; April 1, Nanjing raise water price; May 20, Kunming, China announced the unit price of water be raised by 0.8 yuan; by the end of October to early November, Gansu Lanzhou, Xianning, Wanzhou District, Chongqing and other cities in the country (area) the price of water started to rise … …

During the past decade in 36 key cities in water prices an average annual growth of around 5%. Price adjustment has been going on, why the recent focus on rising occur?

Experts believe that this year, up more than the city without any intent to raise the price of water or prepared, on the one hand because of the current economic situation has improved, clear signs of recovery, this time to adjust the price of water, and will not have much impact; Second, State of resource-based products, the price mechanism to further deepen reform, resource products price adjustment is a trend; Third, with changes in market conditions related to water is necessary, the public nature of the obvious, but the upstream costs are market-oriented pricing, such as electric , bleaching substances, upstream pressure of rising costs.

Development and Reform Commission announced on the 19th, 20, the national average of non-civil tariff increase of 2.8 cents per kilowatt-hour, not changed residential electricity prices, the future of residential electricity consumption will increase gradually introduced ladder price, electricity The more the higher price.

Analysts believe that due to the price increases do not involve residential electricity prices, it has no direct impact on the CPI. Smaller proportion of CPI in the price, even if the implementation of increased price ladder, the impact on the CPI is also very small. The industrial use of electricity as the proportion of the total electricity consumption greater price increases than for the PPI of the impact of CPI.

State Information Center Expert Committee that Dr. Gao Huiqing, CPI statistics are for the residents rather than businesses, so non-civil price upgrade has no effect on the CPI. Even residents in the future electricity price increases, nor will it bring a great impact on CPI.

Gao Hui Ching pointed out that the composition of CPI in China, Food Accounted for the bulk, only the live prices and electricity prices have a direct relationship, however, the proportion of housing prices are only about 10% of the CPI, of which the rent is a major component of housing prices. Therefore, price increases will not lead to increased inflation expectations. Hai Tong Securities

macroeconomic analyst, said Li Mingliang, thanks to the power consumption in consumer spending as a proportion smaller, even if future increases residential electricity prices, will not have great impact on CPI.

“As the industrial use of electricity accounts for over 70% of the total electricity, so electricity price increases for industrial production of far more than the impact on consumer prices.” Ming-Liang Lee said, “price increases on the PPI’s greater impact than CPI, PPI will lead to accelerated upward. “

National Bureau of Statistics spokesman Li Chao said the current inflation problem does not exist in China, but inflation is expected to be given attention. Once the formation of a variety of Energy Have raised prices, large price change will inevitably bring about inflation expectations. Statistics show that in 2009, living in the CPI in the category accounted for 14.69%. Among them, water, electricity, liquefied Oil Gas, pipeline gas, other fuels proportion of the five categories accounted for 40.8% of living.

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