Danfoss (Danfoss) was established in 1933, is cooling, Heating , A leading water treatment and transmission control of the manufacturing sector in Denmark Family Business . 1995 Danfoss (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. was established in Tianjin Wu Qing Development Zone. Danfoss has in China, Hong Kong, Tianjin, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang and Guangzhou Sell Branches and representative offices. July 2005, Danfoss drive control Beijing R & D centers Operation ; In September, with “unlimited Danfoss drive innovation” as the theme Inverter New tour in Shanghai, Shenyang, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other places. November, Danfoss to 25 million U.S. dollars to China for the first time M & A?? Acquisition of Zhejiang Haili Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.. Danfoss in China’s footsteps get closer and stability, as the president of Danfoss China Southern mountain is how to begin his “second home industry,” so that HC network editor approached him with you to enjoy … …

Danforth, President of China Southern Mountains

HC Network: China has thousands of miles of your home away, what moved you to China “second home” cause?

Southern Hill: First of all, I am pleased to be able to spend more than a decade in the Danfoss Career . In , I stayed in the U.S. and Switzerland for two years. After that, I serve a 800 Danfoss headquarters around the department.

When (Danfoss) Headquarters asked if I would take over the affairs of China, I am pleased to accept. There are two reasons, First, China needs an Danfoss Danfoss is very understanding and work in the Danfoss more than a decade, while China’s Wu Qingji Danfoss I also when to build on the participation of China affairs. But more importantly, in the past I have run the Danish market is a very stable market, while the Chinese market is full of many uncertain factors, which are very attractive to me, is a good opportunity. So, I said to my wife: “Let us go to China.” She is very happy, so we moved to China started to prepare. In making this decision, we do not take into account China’s SARS epidemic will occur. Fortunately, the “atypical pneumonia” cases when we arrived in China has been under control. However, SARS is not even our trip to China would have any effect.

HC Net: After coming to China, how do you start your career in China?

Southern Hill: When I came to China, Danfoss (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. is operating in an orderly manner, there is no need for me to solve the problem. So I spent about half the time, and employee communications Danfoss China to understand what they are doing, they need me to do something for them. In addition, I also spent a lot of time with customers, learning and China get along with customers. Everything good, so I did not start to begin to implement a so-called “blueprint” plan, but can be stolen spare time to really understand the situation of the Chinese market, and then rethink the development of the next step.

HC network: the familiar Chinese affairs, you For China, the “second home market,” What plan?

Southern Hill: When I came to China, Danfoss operating very well, all things are processes. I need to do is answer two questions raised by the Board. The first question is “Danfoss China’s growing fast, but not good enough.” That is, the growth rate of Danfoss in China and not as fast as the market growth rate. (How to improve this situation?) The second question is “no such growth in the Chinese market will be an additional burden, whether the conditions of this policy to accelerate the development of more opportunities for Danfoss?” That is, if we can use of good fiscal policy environment to accelerate market expansion?

These two issues are not easy to answer. Because, in the Chinese market has a big problem?? Information difficult to obtain, even when we get information, it has lost its timeliness. To solve this problem, we are now several important markets in China, conducted market research, and then developed based on market feedback information corresponding work. Facts have proved that our strategy is effective, it can really speed up the growth. According to available information, we made a forecast growth of Danfoss: 2006 expected to reach 1.6 billion yuan. 2008, output value reached 25 billion, 3,500 employees. (Danfoss currently has 1,300 employees, annual output value of 1.3 billion yuan in 2005.)

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