The success of SMC brought about many opportunities for people aspiring to delve into

the world of business. As the success SMC’s success becomes preeminent, they have been bombarded with supposing SMC complaints over the years. The corporation was able to survive such allegations and continue open opportunities to good honest people. There is a debate on the internet concerning the legitimacy of SMC as a business in general.

Is SMC scam?

Let us look into the nature of the business and see the truth about the scam allegations.

So what is scam by the way? It means that a business is fraudulent in all aspects and these companies prey on people with greed and dishonesty. These are also called “rip-off” businesses. What separates SMC from such fraudulent businesses? SMC is a straightforward company as opposed to the picture that SMC complaints depicted. There are some who say that SMC is a scam because of its false promises that people can make it big by selling SMC products. Those who are making complaints were supposedly charged for things without their knowledge. But is this the reality?

Accusations explained.

The first accusation is that SMC promises that members can make big money from selling SMC products. This is true based on the success stories of members earning from their SMC sales and for those who are making extra. Testimonials are seen not just on the website of the company, but genuine success stories are also found on the internet testifying to the legitimacy of SMC. If you visit the official website and study the advertisements of the company, you will find out that there was never a point where SMC guaranteed its members that they could make big profits. Their website clearly states that there is huge profit potential as opposed to the promise of instant success. Like any other business, effort and patience are virtues that members should have if they want to make huge profits. Sales will not happen if there is no effort on the part of the member and this holds true to other businesses that rely on sales for profit margin.

Another allegation SMC is faced with is that there are people who claim that members are charged extra fees without their knowledge. Most of these complaints are focused on renewal fees and some are concerning the web hosting fees. If you look at the SMC website, the membership sign-up page clearly states that a monthly hosting charge would apply if members choose the free website. Since it was stated before the membership has taken effect, then there is no way that the charges are without the knowledge of members. Members have the option not to buy this website and pay for the hosting fees. And about the allegation regarding renewal fees, this is laid out in the SMC standard membership rules which can be viewed on the website.

So the question s to whether SMC is a genuine money making opportunity, the answer to

that is simply “yes”. This is an opportunity people who have the ambition and drive and have the talent to sell products. It is not an overnight get rich scheme but requires hard work and dedication.


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