There is a lot of buzz in the Christian community about the effect that the Web has on ministries. Internet ministries are constantly congratulating themselves on being able to reach vast numbers of younger people who they wouldn’t have managed to speak to before, all with the making of one or two simple web sites. There are some things to be said for this kind of Christian witnessing. It actually is handy to be well placed to talk to folks thousands of miles away, spreading the news of Jesus without even having to leave your own house. Something is lost, however. Christianity, you see, is not simply about preaching a group of doctrines. It is about Christian fellowship joining with fellow believers in a righteous community devoted to spreading Christian values.

Christians recognize that the most significant relationship is between the worshiper and God. No Christian Fellowship can make up for not having accepted Jesus, and if you do excepting the Lord you’ll be saved even if you do not spend any time with fellow Christians. You won’t nonetheless , be doing much to spread the news of God. You see, we have been a community since the start of our faith, and we were meant to be a community. Christian church services, Christian youth groups, and other standard assemblies are some of the ways that we have been able to keep an eye open for each members physical and spiritual contentment. The Net is great for speaking, but it is no good for maintaining real Christian Fellowships.

Even a modern church shouldn’t only use modern methods of Christian fellowship. Just because the new ways of preaching help reach the more youthful generation does not imply that the old strategies should be dropped. You can worship Jesus from in front of your PC, but you should also worship him with other followers. For some, Christian Fellowship may commence with the web, but it can’t end with the web. Christian ministries need to spread the word of the Lord God in the actual world, and followers need a community around them to help them remain true to God’s path. Only in that way can we ensure that a church stays powerful and true to its beliefs. On your own, it is easy to preach one thing and do another. With fellow followers nevertheless , you’re rather more likely to be held responsible for your actions.

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