When people develop hemorrhoids, they have a number of issues with it. There is a pain during and after defecation that is very nagging. Blood might go along with stools making the lesions very raw which can then become itchy, edematous and protruded. During the tryst with the symptoms of hemorrhoids, there might be another complication that people have to suffer from.

There is a condition of thrombosed hemorrhoids that can be big trouble, over and above the usual nagging symptoms. All the things that are troubling the patients first will get aggravated. This means, that the patients will now have more pain, more itching, more edema, and excessive painful swelling in the region. Bowel movement becomes entirely difficult and most of the time, the edema can make the swelling big enough to cause obstruction to the bowel movement.

The reason of such aggravation in the pain and other symptoms is the formation of a clot inside the vein of the hemorrhoids. They cause a blockage in the already sluggish flow of blood in the vessels of this region. This is what leads to the increase in edema as the plasma from the static blood comes out through the venous walls.

It is the at this point that people reconsider their decision to go to the doctor which was being delayed due to one reason or the other since so many days. If patients at some point realize or observe that their hemorrhoids are getting bigger with time, they can take some initial steps at home to ease the discomfort.

The concept of Sitz bath is a very common method that people can do at home where they need to sit on a warm water bowl with their buttocks in, so that the hemorrhoids are directly in contact with warm water. This allows the clot to move and increases the blood flow, thereby easing the edema and hence the pain.

The diet should be changed to include more fibre food items and a stool softener is to be used to make the bowel flow easy. A number of fruits and vegetables can help in providing the fibres as well as let the body extract vitamins and flavonoids that have positive effects in the healing of the inflamed and traumatized hemorrhoids. Applying of ice during severe pain and during edema allows the fluid secretion to decrease and makes the clot smaller thus enabling it to flow away from the point of hemorrhoids.

Many local hemorrhoidal creams can be used for local application which can contain hydrocortisone. The creams that are available in the market are also herbal based products. Witch Hazel, Aleve, muriatic acid, etc are present in the creams that help in reducing the bleeding and help reduce the clot size.

For a serious turn of events, the patients are compulsorily required to go to the doctor where surgical intervention can be planned out under adequate antibiotic cover. Many people have had bad episodes of edema and aggravated hemorrhoids but have come out safe and sound from the ordeal due to timely intervention and proper management of the hemorrhoids. But for them, a word of caution and sufficient awareness about the possible complications can prevent an embarrassing and painful situation.

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